i cant believe it, i write again~~!!!

i should have wrote this before i wrote about aizat..last monday i went to the cinema with my boyfriend..we were quite exciting to choose the movie to watch..no, it’s me who was overly excited because there were so many movies to choose from and they are among the latest movies..compared to Wellington, the new movies entered the cinema quite late and by the time i watched it in Wellington, the movie was no longer shown in Malaysia..well, i picked High School Musical 3..my friend even told me that i am the type of person who refuses to grow up and yeah, may be she’s right..i just love the moves, the songs..and stage performances..that’s why i love to be in the orchestra group, choir group or the dance group..people might have stage fright but as a matter of fact, i love adrenaline..i love the feeling of getting nervous to perform on stage..in HSM3, there were a lot of stage performances and energetic moves..i wonder why hollywood movies usually succeeded in making the groovy scenes where it involved a lot of people to do things together..Malay movies need some toning to produce such scenes..for example the graduation scene at the end of the movies or the cheering scene at the beginning of the movie..those actors and actresses cooperate very well and the coreograph was well-planned and of course the camera techniques was impressive..har~i wish i could involve in such production..the environment was not cold..it looked so real..duh~and why am i taking TESOL now..em, i want to grab some banana fritters..da~~~


home sweet home..=)

i’m back at home for summer holiday..yay~!!! ya rite..it’s forever summer in Malaysia..anyway, i really miss to feel at home..so here i am..writing from my mother’s room..hoho..a few months back, i heard this Malay song from Nida’s playlist..it sounded so much like the ordinary Indonesian songs..well, for the record, i might have to admit that Indonesian songs are pleasant for the ears..yes, eventually i admitted it..i didn’t remember the title or the singer of that song because i wasn’t paying attention when Nida told me about the title and i simply didn’t ask who was the singer because even if she tell me which band sing that song, i would have no idea about that band..to my surprise, i was watching ria yesterday and it was the ending of a showbizz-artists news show where they put up a video clip at the end of the show..it was the same song..hell no..i was in denial refusing to admit that the singer is a Malaysian singer and that song was not an Indonesian song..the singer was Aizat from akademi fantasia and i couldn’t believe my eyes when i saw him in a new shape..that made me wanted to deny more..haha..it was hanya kau yang mampu..congratulations Aizat, i heard that u composed the song on your own and you published your album with your own money..well, this the new generation of singer who really mean it when they say they love music..they do not depend on the composer to get a song..they are capable of producing their own music..well, sorry aizat, i was so late..haha..p/s: the live show was amazing..


post moterm

it’s been a wonderful eid here in Wellington..during the first day of syawal, we gathered in the Malaysian High Commission to perform the solat sonat syawal..there were also some raya food served by the workers in the high commission..as a freshie in Wellington, the celebration was not upsetting..thank you aunty rose for your effort to put up the solat sunat raya and the cuisine..

the seniors said this year’s raya was not so happening because it fell on weekdays which was on wednesday which most of us have classes to attend to..however, muslims being malaysians, we didn’t really mind of skipping classes for the whole day..it’s worth the escape..as for me with some of my friends, we created the mood of raya by gathering on the night before raya to make raya cookies, and gather in the senior’s house after solat sunat raya to eat the juadah raya that we have prepared together..it was fun..it really made us feel at home..i called my mother and wished the whole family and my grandmother was in tears receiving the call from me..=)

i prepared nasi impit and kuah kacang for that day..may friend fana cooked chicken rendang for me..thank you fana..=) there were also some cookies and lontong made by sha..during the weekends, people started to make open houses and i remembered attending 4 open houses on friday and 3 open houses in saturday..so, thank you very much people..the foods are delicious, the hopitality was impressive..

eventhough this is the time when everybody gets busy with their submissions and assignments, they still can spare some time to cooperate in putting up the open house..well, that is the spirit of celebrating Eid by Malaysian..we value this celebration..

i put up open house too..it’s the combination of 3 houses in the 5th floor of McKenzies apartment..we planned to make nasi minyak, kuah kari, laksa, nasi impit and kuah kacang..however, we couln’t find daun kesum so laksa was cancelled and replaced with mee goreng..

there were few thing i’m not quite satisfy along the process of preparation for the open house..first, we didn’t plan properly the works each of us should do pre, during and post open house..we only decided who cook what, what to buy and when to buy..i wonder why can’t everyone of us being told about the simple things like who top up the dishes when the dishes is finishing, who collected the rubbish during and after the open house..so they ended up having no idea on what to do and refused to help around and wished some other people will clear up all those mess..i was really upset with the cooperation, and i wonder why people can still be lazy to clean up their own house after their own fiest..anyway, thank you for those who helped..at least, there were still some group of people who concerned..


and now syawal comes..

i wasn’t sure what to expect in celebrating Syawal this year..i’m in a new environment which is away and different from home..but i expected some cliche like crying during the morning of Syawal when calling home..haha..

i miss the takbir that people in my area usually do during Syawal’s eid..they move from house to house reciting the takbir..but in NZ, i need to load it from youtube..how pathetic..we wished the boys will come and do the takbir..but there’s no way they would come..and they didn’t come..how sad..

i even watched samurai x on syawal’s eve..what a way to replace telemovie raya in malaysia..there’s no way eid can be happening in here..

during the 1st day of syawal, we gathered in hicom and perform the eid prayer together..we had some light eid’s foods such as ketupat, rendang, kuah kacang, pulut kuning etc..we took the chance to seek for apologies from our friends..i love this tradition as this is the most significant way of celebrating eid..owh come on..why can’t i be more expressive..?after the eid prayer, we gathered in our village in 501..we ate some good food, my hot kuah kacang, lontong, sup kambing..we really had a good time taking pictures, sharing stories and tease each other..we head to two seniors’ house that evening..i met k ayek..

the second day of raya was not really raya because we attended classes and tutorials..but i went to nisrin’s open house anyway..with fana..=) i think i gained more weight because i ate a lot..why did’nt i shrink during the fasring month..?har~i looked fat in my raya pictures..i knew it was not because of my spectacles..hu~

3rd day of raya was more happening..there were 4 open houses..we went to iynas’s house, nonie’s house, nad’s house and finally to hazel’s house..that night, we recorded a video for raya presentation in hicom on sunday..

i should continue tomorrow..my sentences were stupidly structured..hoho..


what do i remember (3)..

next in the schedule: it’s ramadhan..the month filled with blessings..this ramadhan was my first ramadhan away from family and home..it felt so different and strange..how i wish i have hiro nakamura’s power so i can teleport to malaysia for breaking fast or early breakfast..i really miss the bazaar ramadhan where hawkers sell their delicious foods and drinks for breaking fast..i really miss the environment of busy bazaar..mega sale for the becoming eid celebration..and tarawikh..

we put up tarawikh and iftaar jamiee anyway..we held it in my house during the first 3 days, then we moved to cumberland’s common room but we found it distracting..then we moved back and held it permanently in the seniors’s house..just next door..because they have a bigger space to accommodate us..by the end of ramadhan, less and less people came to tarawikh..it was sad thinking that we couldn’t afford to make up the most out of ramadhan..the boys were shy because there were only a few of them and there were considerably a bunch of girls..

i once had iftaar with k lily, yusuf, wawa, dely n mimi at our house..i made tomato rice and awfully the rice weren’t cooked enough..huhu..sorry people..may be there was something wrong with the pot..indeed~!!haha..we had tesl iftaar, vic muslim iftaar, wmso iftaar and ika’s birthday iftaar..i didn’t go to wmso iftaar unfortunately so i can’t really tell about the food..

during tesl iftaar, i made chilli squid for this house..not bad, it was liked by all..k long brought prawn curry, zaty made chicken curry, sha made sheppard pie, ernie brought asam pedas, nida made laksa (exception for nida and ain, they always join us)..jojo made sth fried but i couldn’t remember..wawa made the stir fry veges..em..i love all the foods..but cuisine for that day, i might say it went to k long’s prawn curry..the blend of the spices were just nice for my tastebuds..k long, no need to call me after this if you want to make curry..=) owh, sha’s sheppard’s pie was also my favourite..she made a good western food cook..

during iftaar with vic muslim, they served us with moroccan food..the foods tasted more a less like malaysian nasi briyani..but i think they need more salt..i’m not a fan of salty food but i know when they need to put some more salt..we had tarawikh together that night and the imam was one of the arabic guy..something funny happened during the prayer..the imam made sujud sahwi but we couldn’t figure out what sujud was that and thought that it might be of different mazhab..however, we were wrong because we were not alert that the imam was doing the sujud sahwi because of recital mistakes..however, the tajwid was good..the recital was also good..subhanallah..

the AGM meeting for vicmuslim society was held after that..it was a big fuss because everyone seemed reluctant to volunteer..well, i might say..people were more concern about their academics and afraid they might not be able to be committed to the responsibilities..well, me too..sorry people, i can’t volunteer to be one..but i will support the committe and the events organised by you..

well, ika’s birthday iftaar..not bad..the iftaar was held during syawal’s eve..we celebrated the birthday with raya songs and takbir..and also birthday cake..=) k long was planning to make a surprise party for ika but she was caught bringging the cake to our house by ika..haha..it’s ok k long..she apreciated your effort..

we had ernie’s birthday celebrated too during iftaar..we had nasi briyani from mughlai..it was fantastic..i made cekodok for them..they went to the zoo prior to the party which i didn’t go because i was so lazy wake up that morning..haha..

we made some kuih raya but my tempeyek was not so tempeyek..i gave up and ain continued doing the biscuits for me..haha..thank you ain..how i wish i know from the beginning that i would need an acuan to make that biscuits..dely’s and nida’s and ain’s biscuits were successfull..poor me..hu~i want tempeyek dhal..even the nut i thought as dhal was not dhal..they were soy split..huhu..


what do i remember (2)..

so what’s after malaysian night..?it was the merdeka night organised by WMSO..it was a humble event, held in a not so humble hotel..the delay in the planning drove the organisers quite crazy because they were stuck with that five stars hotel..however, they made it finally..

i presented chinese dance for that night together with the previous dancers..the stage was small i almost fall..i should be embarrassed because i dropped my ribbon..O M G~~~ironically i don’t feel anything..why..?have i lost my pride by not being embarrassed..?or have i actually took things for granted that i didn’t really care about the audience’s thought..?whatever..people already forgot about it i guess..owh i wish..haha..

i wore nida’s baju kurung and tudung..well, they don’t suit me well..i took a lot of pictures and enjoyed the night..the foods were great..i really love the fish..the gravy was thick and creamy..and as usual, i didn’t win any of the lucky draw..=p

one thing about that night that i’m not quite happy with was the stage for the performance..it was too small..all the dancers were having difficulty performing..and the performance eventually performed imperfectly..


what do i remember (1)..

you can tell i am a very slow writer..it’s october now and i did not finish reporting my september activities..i should be more committed..so what do i remember about the previous month..em..malaysian night in johnsonville..?

well, with whom did i go there..?was it wawa, dely, nida, ain..?yep..with them..we went there by bus, and go back by train..the seniors said people don’t really go to malaysian night because it’s a celebration by aunties and uncle..but we went there though..because of the foods..we know that if it is a potluck by ancles and aunties, the food should be nice..and we were right..che was the MC with mika that night..

as usual, speech by the high commisioner..i went around helping the aunties and uncles setting up the table and clean up the kitchen..owh..the hall too..i got to speak manglish that i love..you know, things like “i made karipap with kulit popia..owh forgotlah to bring the dipping sauce”..har~don’t you think we developed this kind of language that most linguists will have headache studying..haha..it’s kind of unique though..even kiwi have their own english..they use aye in “the wind is so strong, aye..?” as we use our lah..but trust me..people will still understand what we talk about even if we use lah because in different places, they have different ways of expressing lah..people in england have it too..but poor me..i can’t remember what my lecturer in LALS 101 told me..but i will find out..

har~is that all..?owh come on..give me some time..i’ll try to recall more..