and now syawal comes..

i wasn’t sure what to expect in celebrating Syawal this year..i’m in a new environment which is away and different from home..but i expected some cliche like crying during the morning of Syawal when calling home..haha..

i miss the takbir that people in my area usually do during Syawal’s eid..they move from house to house reciting the takbir..but in NZ, i need to load it from youtube..how pathetic..we wished the boys will come and do the takbir..but there’s no way they would come..and they didn’t come..how sad..

i even watched samurai x on syawal’s eve..what a way to replace telemovie raya in malaysia..there’s no way eid can be happening in here..

during the 1st day of syawal, we gathered in hicom and perform the eid prayer together..we had some light eid’s foods such as ketupat, rendang, kuah kacang, pulut kuning etc..we took the chance to seek for apologies from our friends..i love this tradition as this is the most significant way of celebrating eid..owh come on..why can’t i be more expressive..?after the eid prayer, we gathered in our village in 501..we ate some good food, my hot kuah kacang, lontong, sup kambing..we really had a good time taking pictures, sharing stories and tease each other..we head to two seniors’ house that evening..i met k ayek..

the second day of raya was not really raya because we attended classes and tutorials..but i went to nisrin’s open house anyway..with fana..=) i think i gained more weight because i ate a lot..why did’nt i shrink during the fasring month..?har~i looked fat in my raya pictures..i knew it was not because of my spectacles..hu~

3rd day of raya was more happening..there were 4 open houses..we went to iynas’s house, nonie’s house, nad’s house and finally to hazel’s house..that night, we recorded a video for raya presentation in hicom on sunday..

i should continue tomorrow..my sentences were stupidly structured..hoho..


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