what do i remember (1)..

you can tell i am a very slow writer..it’s october now and i did not finish reporting my september activities..i should be more committed..so what do i remember about the previous month..em..malaysian night in johnsonville..?

well, with whom did i go there..?was it wawa, dely, nida, ain..?yep..with them..we went there by bus, and go back by train..the seniors said people don’t really go to malaysian night because it’s a celebration by aunties and uncle..but we went there though..because of the foods..we know that if it is a potluck by ancles and aunties, the food should be nice..and we were right..che was the MC with mika that night..

as usual, speech by the high commisioner..i went around helping the aunties and uncles setting up the table and clean up the kitchen..owh..the hall too..i got to speak manglish that i love..you know, things like “i made karipap with kulit popia..owh forgotlah to bring the dipping sauce”..har~don’t you think we developed this kind of language that most linguists will have headache studying..haha..it’s kind of unique though..even kiwi have their own english..they use aye in “the wind is so strong, aye..?” as we use our lah..but trust me..people will still understand what we talk about even if we use lah because in different places, they have different ways of expressing lah..people in england have it too..but poor me..i can’t remember what my lecturer in LALS 101 told me..but i will find out..

har~is that all..?owh come on..give me some time..i’ll try to recall more..


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