what do i remember (2)..

so what’s after malaysian night..?it was the merdeka night organised by WMSO..it was a humble event, held in a not so humble hotel..the delay in the planning drove the organisers quite crazy because they were stuck with that five stars hotel..however, they made it finally..

i presented chinese dance for that night together with the previous dancers..the stage was small i almost fall..i should be embarrassed because i dropped my ribbon..O M G~~~ironically i don’t feel anything..why..?have i lost my pride by not being embarrassed..?or have i actually took things for granted that i didn’t really care about the audience’s thought..?whatever..people already forgot about it i guess..owh i wish..haha..

i wore nida’s baju kurung and tudung..well, they don’t suit me well..i took a lot of pictures and enjoyed the night..the foods were great..i really love the fish..the gravy was thick and creamy..and as usual, i didn’t win any of the lucky draw..=p

one thing about that night that i’m not quite happy with was the stage for the performance..it was too small..all the dancers were having difficulty performing..and the performance eventually performed imperfectly..


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