what do i remember (3)..

next in the schedule: it’s ramadhan..the month filled with blessings..this ramadhan was my first ramadhan away from family and home..it felt so different and strange..how i wish i have hiro nakamura’s power so i can teleport to malaysia for breaking fast or early breakfast..i really miss the bazaar ramadhan where hawkers sell their delicious foods and drinks for breaking fast..i really miss the environment of busy bazaar..mega sale for the becoming eid celebration..and tarawikh..

we put up tarawikh and iftaar jamiee anyway..we held it in my house during the first 3 days, then we moved to cumberland’s common room but we found it distracting..then we moved back and held it permanently in the seniors’s house..just next door..because they have a bigger space to accommodate us..by the end of ramadhan, less and less people came to tarawikh..it was sad thinking that we couldn’t afford to make up the most out of ramadhan..the boys were shy because there were only a few of them and there were considerably a bunch of girls..

i once had iftaar with k lily, yusuf, wawa, dely n mimi at our house..i made tomato rice and awfully the rice weren’t cooked enough..huhu..sorry people..may be there was something wrong with the pot..indeed~!!haha..we had tesl iftaar, vic muslim iftaar, wmso iftaar and ika’s birthday iftaar..i didn’t go to wmso iftaar unfortunately so i can’t really tell about the food..

during tesl iftaar, i made chilli squid for this house..not bad, it was liked by all..k long brought prawn curry, zaty made chicken curry, sha made sheppard pie, ernie brought asam pedas, nida made laksa (exception for nida and ain, they always join us)..jojo made sth fried but i couldn’t remember..wawa made the stir fry veges..em..i love all the foods..but cuisine for that day, i might say it went to k long’s prawn curry..the blend of the spices were just nice for my tastebuds..k long, no need to call me after this if you want to make curry..=) owh, sha’s sheppard’s pie was also my favourite..she made a good western food cook..

during iftaar with vic muslim, they served us with moroccan food..the foods tasted more a less like malaysian nasi briyani..but i think they need more salt..i’m not a fan of salty food but i know when they need to put some more salt..we had tarawikh together that night and the imam was one of the arabic guy..something funny happened during the prayer..the imam made sujud sahwi but we couldn’t figure out what sujud was that and thought that it might be of different mazhab..however, we were wrong because we were not alert that the imam was doing the sujud sahwi because of recital mistakes..however, the tajwid was good..the recital was also good..subhanallah..

the AGM meeting for vicmuslim society was held after that..it was a big fuss because everyone seemed reluctant to volunteer..well, i might say..people were more concern about their academics and afraid they might not be able to be committed to the responsibilities..well, me too..sorry people, i can’t volunteer to be one..but i will support the committe and the events organised by you..

well, ika’s birthday iftaar..not bad..the iftaar was held during syawal’s eve..we celebrated the birthday with raya songs and takbir..and also birthday cake..=) k long was planning to make a surprise party for ika but she was caught bringging the cake to our house by ika..haha..it’s ok k long..she apreciated your effort..

we had ernie’s birthday celebrated too during iftaar..we had nasi briyani from mughlai..it was fantastic..i made cekodok for them..they went to the zoo prior to the party which i didn’t go because i was so lazy wake up that morning..haha..

we made some kuih raya but my tempeyek was not so tempeyek..i gave up and ain continued doing the biscuits for me..haha..thank you ain..how i wish i know from the beginning that i would need an acuan to make that biscuits..dely’s and nida’s and ain’s biscuits were successfull..poor me..hu~i want tempeyek dhal..even the nut i thought as dhal was not dhal..they were soy split..huhu..


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