post moterm

it’s been a wonderful eid here in Wellington..during the first day of syawal, we gathered in the Malaysian High Commission to perform the solat sonat syawal..there were also some raya food served by the workers in the high commission..as a freshie in Wellington, the celebration was not upsetting..thank you aunty rose for your effort to put up the solat sunat raya and the cuisine..

the seniors said this year’s raya was not so happening because it fell on weekdays which was on wednesday which most of us have classes to attend to..however, muslims being malaysians, we didn’t really mind of skipping classes for the whole day..it’s worth the escape..as for me with some of my friends, we created the mood of raya by gathering on the night before raya to make raya cookies, and gather in the senior’s house after solat sunat raya to eat the juadah raya that we have prepared together..it was fun..it really made us feel at home..i called my mother and wished the whole family and my grandmother was in tears receiving the call from me..=)

i prepared nasi impit and kuah kacang for that day..may friend fana cooked chicken rendang for me..thank you fana..=) there were also some cookies and lontong made by sha..during the weekends, people started to make open houses and i remembered attending 4 open houses on friday and 3 open houses in saturday..so, thank you very much people..the foods are delicious, the hopitality was impressive..

eventhough this is the time when everybody gets busy with their submissions and assignments, they still can spare some time to cooperate in putting up the open house..well, that is the spirit of celebrating Eid by Malaysian..we value this celebration..

i put up open house too..it’s the combination of 3 houses in the 5th floor of McKenzies apartment..we planned to make nasi minyak, kuah kari, laksa, nasi impit and kuah kacang..however, we couln’t find daun kesum so laksa was cancelled and replaced with mee goreng..

there were few thing i’m not quite satisfy along the process of preparation for the open house..first, we didn’t plan properly the works each of us should do pre, during and post open house..we only decided who cook what, what to buy and when to buy..i wonder why can’t everyone of us being told about the simple things like who top up the dishes when the dishes is finishing, who collected the rubbish during and after the open house..so they ended up having no idea on what to do and refused to help around and wished some other people will clear up all those mess..i was really upset with the cooperation, and i wonder why people can still be lazy to clean up their own house after their own fiest..anyway, thank you for those who helped..at least, there were still some group of people who concerned..


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