home sweet home..=)

i’m back at home for summer holiday..yay~!!! ya rite..it’s forever summer in Malaysia..anyway, i really miss to feel at home..so here i am..writing from my mother’s room..hoho..a few months back, i heard this Malay song from Nida’s playlist..it sounded so much like the ordinary Indonesian songs..well, for the record, i might have to admit that Indonesian songs are pleasant for the ears..yes, eventually i admitted it..i didn’t remember the title or the singer of that song because i wasn’t paying attention when Nida told me about the title and i simply didn’t ask who was the singer because even if she tell me which band sing that song, i would have no idea about that band..to my surprise, i was watching ria yesterday and it was the ending of a showbizz-artists news show where they put up a video clip at the end of the show..it was the same song..hell no..i was in denial refusing to admit that the singer is a Malaysian singer and that song was not an Indonesian song..the singer was Aizat from akademi fantasia and i couldn’t believe my eyes when i saw him in a new shape..that made me wanted to deny more..haha..it was hanya kau yang mampu..congratulations Aizat, i heard that u composed the song on your own and you published your album with your own money..well, this the new generation of singer who really mean it when they say they love music..they do not depend on the composer to get a song..they are capable of producing their own music..well, sorry aizat, i was so late..haha..p/s: the live show was amazing..


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