i cant believe it, i write again~~!!!

i should have wrote this before i wrote about aizat..last monday i went to the cinema with my boyfriend..we were quite exciting to choose the movie to watch..no, it’s me who was overly excited because there were so many movies to choose from and they are among the latest movies..compared to Wellington, the new movies entered the cinema quite late and by the time i watched it in Wellington, the movie was no longer shown in Malaysia..well, i picked High School Musical 3..my friend even told me that i am the type of person who refuses to grow up and yeah, may be she’s right..i just love the moves, the songs..and stage performances..that’s why i love to be in the orchestra group, choir group or the dance group..people might have stage fright but as a matter of fact, i love adrenaline..i love the feeling of getting nervous to perform on stage..in HSM3, there were a lot of stage performances and energetic moves..i wonder why hollywood movies usually succeeded in making the groovy scenes where it involved a lot of people to do things together..Malay movies need some toning to produce such scenes..for example the graduation scene at the end of the movies or the cheering scene at the beginning of the movie..those actors and actresses cooperate very well and the coreograph was well-planned and of course the camera techniques was impressive..har~i wish i could involve in such production..the environment was not cold..it looked so real..duh~and why am i taking TESOL now..em, i want to grab some banana fritters..da~~~


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