holiday in Melaka..

i must say that i’ve been waiting like crazy to have a vacation with my friends where we can share our stories, do shopping crazily together, eat quietly together and walk around together. Begum planned for a vacation in Langkawi so we agreed and i started to browse around any good and affordable resorts that we can go to, planned what we’re gonna do there including where to go, how much to spend and everything a traveller might need to plan prior to a journey. Just 3 days before going, Begum said “people, change of plan because of tight budget” tadaaa..i feel like punching her right in her big nostrils..haha..but ok..we decided to just make a small humble vacation in Melaka..and more of us were able to join..we stayed in King’s apartment, went out at night to jonker walk and have a busy dinner for the sake of a few bloody cameras..la la la..we love cameras and to our lucky and kind-hearted cameramen, thank you so much..we don’t mean to use our charm but looked like you’re attracted to us..=) back from our nite out, we watched this horror movie..i don’t watch but trust me, the volume of the computer was loud and i can still hear the sound without having to watch it so i consider myself as watching it as i ended up as afraid as they were..yes..thank you very much chud..owh..good luck with your covergirl competition..=) that something that happened before we decided which hotel to go to has faded with our joy..

begum went around Melaka with her father to look for any available hotel a day before our vacation and they found out that only King’s is available..too bad, King’s didn’t have swimming pool so most of us were frustrated..however, as a symbol of appreciation to Begum, we decided to just accept what she has booked for us..there were 3 rooms in that apartment but we use only 1 room..what a waste people~!!! next time we need to find 1 really big room so we don’t have to waste our money..

overall, it was a good gathering for us..there were only 7 of us as rose gina lola and ateq were not joining but at least, we gathered with whoever can attend that gathering..hope to see you again peeps..miss you loadss..

can all of you be more sane..?

can all of you be more sane..?

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