well, i was right..about that bad luck

i was trying to get my handphone charged..the charger was a two-pin charger while the socket was meant for three-pin appliances..not being bothered to use the adapter, i tried so hard to get the two-pin charger penetrate into the holes..usually i find a pen to poke the upper hole so the two holes below the upper holes can be opened..but i was so lazy at that moment..and as a result, i broke one of the feet for the charger and now, it’s broken and it cannot be used! served me right!

i wasn’t so worried about that broken charger because i knew i have another charger..and to make things even worse, the second charger was broken too..it cannot be used because it’s already damaged from the inside..

so i’m using my father’s old handphone now and i have to accept that this handphone does not has a memory card so i cannot store long messages..can things get any worse then this..?come on, i need a good zen of feng shui or anything..haha..


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