colourful hangout..

yesterday’s outing was a very quick decision..cuda suggested for us to go out on wednesday, so begum and me quickly agreed to..begum actually needed to bring her car to service center in Bachang so while waiting for her car, acheng picked us up..acheng arrived with cuda and wana..so as usual we started to tell stories when we got together..cuda with the story of her house being so crowded as she got extra unwanted housemates, acheng with her pity story for being penniless..haha..so she started to assign each one of us with what we could do to help her..one would pay the parking ticket..one would pay for bowling..one would pay for cinema..and one would pay for her food..owh my story..?i told them about the surprise wedding plan..hoho..i was so scared to death with bi’s family plan..and that i chose to disagree with the plan of getting married this early..haha..and all that they did was just laughed out loud at me..wana..?she told us about the broken toilet door knob..and got it replaced with the front door knob..and that she had to give the key to her friend later in that day..

and to our surprise..none of our plans which was to play bowling and watch movie was successful..we were about to play bowling and we saw endless list of queues waiting for the lanes to be availabe..i hate school holidays..couldn’t those kids give us some time to hang out..?they’ve had more than enough time to meet each other at school so spend your time with family during school holidays..(trying to forget all the hangouts i made when i was still in school during school holidays)..haha..

frustrated-so we go to kopitiam to eat..la la la..i love food..and that’s why my friends can see that i’m now growing more to the sideways..haha..i’ll cease those unwanted fat when i get back in wellington..and i’m afraid now that acap will see me before i get to lose those extra weight and say what i said to him when i first met him in wellington..wuwu..

owh, to our surprise again, we met izyana, izyani, apeng and liely..haha..and topak..it’s like a small reunion for batch 0004..i’m very happy that i got to see most of my friends before i go back to wellington..izyana is now wearing braces..yan is now having her internship in a chinese company that enables her to get a week long holiday..apeng is still the muslimah type..and liely still not gaining anymore heights..haha..sorry peeps..i was so excited..i was about to go to the toilet after praying when i heard mang screaming my name..i was a bit confused..but i knew eventually that this was real..haha..how i missed my friends..but i went to pee anyway..and continue to talk with them after that..=)

so by not being able to watch any movie, we went around to find cleo magazine to see cuda’s picture in it..she was in the running for cleo cover girl but she didn’t win it..but we’re proud of her..she’s in a mag for God sake..haha..we took a lot of pictures..but anyway..mang apeng yan~!!knp la kte x amek gmba smlm..?sengal la..ape korg ingt..?haha..

owh..i’ve got myself a sunshades..blame begum for this..she said she got it for cheap..so i was tempted to buy~!!!


a lovely morning..

i think i never write here about my family’s regular visit to the beach to get fresh seafood..so here i am, writing all about it now..

it started long ago, when late grandfather was still healthy..he liked fresh seafood and when he had some free time, he would go to the beach with grandma..

now that grandfather is no longer around..the habbit is passed down to my grandma..she wouldn’t easily buy the seafood at the nearby wet market because she said she can get chaper and fresher seafood from the fishermen themselves..exactly when the fishermen arrived by the shore..

so this morning we went out to pantai puteri..we bought a bucketful of fish, prawn, squid and some vegetables..i think i’m getting attracted to this practice because me too, is a fussy eater like my late grandfather..i know how a dish should taste and if it doesn’t taste as good as what i’m expecting, i wouldn’t finish the food..so the solution to this, i cook on my own, and only use fresh raw materials..=)

after buying those seafood, we had a lovely brunch at the nearby stall..i ate nasi lemak, with sunny side up, kangkung rebus, fried anchovies, cucumber and kinda sweet sambal..i dun really like the sambal, but it’s not too bad..umi and grandma got themselves two crispy roti canai each..and idin..he had nasi lemak and roti telur..

anyway..my point here is..i’m so going to miss this routine when i’m back in wellington..fish are way expensive and different there..i wish i can have fish as much in wellington..hu~i didn’t snap any pictures..bi, the camera..it’s with you..


hello my darling future cars..

i came across one of my friends blog and she was writing about what she found from her friend’s blog..it was about home furnishing..specifically her dreamed home furnishing..so i think i can steal something from her blog too..but i want to write about my future cars..huhu..

i might not be able to write like a pro..because i never have any experience of owning a car..and i rarely drive..so i’m going to write about cars, solely based on their look..=)hoho..

i always love mini cooper..and i think people in new zealand are more capable of owning such cars compared to malaysians..i think mini cooper is kind of rare in malaysia..and i wonder why mini cooper becomes so expensive in malaysia..let’s check out the price..

model: mini ONE-auto transmission capasity (cc): 1397 price: nzd 32900 model: mini coop S-auto transmission capasity (cc): 1598 price: nzd 46900

and in malaysia..the same model are sold for:-

myr 195290 for mini ONE-auto and myr 239290 for mini cooper S-auto

if i directly convert the price for mini ONE-auto from nzd to myr, the price should only be around myr 62435..and as for the mini coop S-auto, it should be sold for only myr 89026..there you go..there’s politic involve but i don’t see the politic is benefiting the citizen nor the country itself because the national cars are sold at a high price but with high defects..citizen might as well go for imported cars, a litle bit expensive, but with very minimal defects..but i think the national car is improving..the time will eventually come for the national car to have less defects..then only the price is worth for the quality..(is my sentence right here?) and i think if that mini cooper is sold at a more reasonable price, more malaysians can afford to use such cars..and i think we wouldn’t be looking like a 3rd world country as much..huhu..it’s not that we can’t afford to buy those cars, but we were made to look like we can’t afford to..

2007 mini cooper S convertible

but anyways, we can always dream couldn’t we..?i have another dream car..it’s volkswagen the beetle..i love its lovely shape, and as for its quality, i admire the way the body of the car is constructed..it is made from high-tensile steels, mould-hardened components and in a lightweight, profile-intensive design, provides benefits in terms of both safety and minimal gap dimensions (volswagen.com, 2008)..i bet everyone would enjoy their ride in this car..and as for the price, this car is not as expensive as mini cooper..the new 1.6 beetle is priced for myr 140,778.00 and for the 2.0, it is sold for myrmalaysia.. 158,060.00..no wonder i see more beetles compared to minis in

2008 volkswagen beetle

but this one car that i want to show is exactly what i want..for real..and for practical reasons..but i wonder..do they sell concept cars..?haha..i always love pivo because i’m not good in driving big cars..nor good in reversing cars..so pivo suits me because it can make 360 degrees turn..so i don’t have to worry whenever i back-park my car as i don’t need to reverse it to go come out from the car park..i love it..haha..and it’s fuel efficient..i just have to get it charged for my journey..it might not be practical for long distance journey but hey..so what is the point of having aeroplanes if we can’t use them..furthermore..i don’t like being in the car for a long time..

2006 nissan pivo concept

time to get realistic yuyu..ok..so for my family car..?i think i like mpv type for family car..because now the government has implemented the rule for use of seatbelts for rear passengers, i think i might need bigger space..but nah~nissan latio sports didn’t have that so big space but i like it anyway..i’ll go for it..you have to agree with me bi..la la la..

nissan latio sports 1.6


to my teachers..


wow, it’s very windy and i woke up this morning because i heard the empty plastic vase was smashing the front door..and pretty much because i got a message from wawa, a friendly reminder for me to complete my online enrolment before 1st feb..so turned on the computer, lazily completed the enrolment for next semester..i’ve seen some boring subjects in the list and i wonder what grade i’ll be getting for those subjects..

and i started to browse rijal’s blog..and i saw a link to my ex school’s blog..well, i’m still a teenager at heart so i gave the blog a look..and to my surprise my english teacher has also started her own blog..owh, before i found out that ms ija is a blogger too now, i read an entry about ms haniza’s transfer to a new school..it’s sad that she’s leaving the school because there’re so much for her to remeber about the school..=) i still remember my time in form 2 when ms haniza was my english teacher..i cannot remember vividly but i still remember the stories she told us..

there was a time when suddenly all the boys in the class were not as playful as usual and concentrating on what was being taught in class..may be exam is coming..guys-they won’t sit quietly and concentrate on something if they don’t have anything to do for their benefit..well, forget about them..so in the middle of the class, ms haniza told us to study hard, and be grateful for all the facilities that were made convenient to us..i remembered the part when she said she used to walk to school which was so away from her house..and her family can only afford to buy her ‘fongkiong’ shoes..as for her pocket money, it was way so little from what we were getting at that time..so she told us that we have no reasons not to study because everything was prepared for us and the only thing that we need to think about was study..and she even said, the moment we regretted our life for not making the best out of the education we were receiving, it would be too late..

well ms haniza, i remembered a time when i was goofing around you, asking you to help me with my grade and you just couldn’t be bothered by me..i was so frustrated at that moment but now i realised, it’s not the result that matters, it’s the end product that you were aiming to help me with..i came to realise this when i was struggling with my sociology paper when i was doing my A level..i keep failing the first few tests and worked harder everytime after that  and when i got the result that enabled me to fly to new zealand, i understood why you ignored me when i asked you to give me extra marks to improve my grade..that i need to put on more and more effort and eventually the effort bear its fruit..and i thank you for the motivation you gave from your stories..i really appreciate that..

and as for ms ija, i was in your class since i was in the 3rd form..and i still remember many things..haha..you’ve always liked to tease nazmie hares because you said he looked like your son..and fendi qc..for using bombastic vocabs in his essays..anyway, you told us a story too remember..?i do if you don’t..

you told us that your teacher told you that it was wonderfavourite teacherful seeing the hills from the air when she arrived to this one place which i couldn’t remember where..you were motivated by her story and when you got the chance to see what she saw, you sent her a postcard telling you were there where she was..and then you tell the story to your students and you too received a postcard from the student who was motivated by your story and made it to the foreign land..and as a matter of fact, i was motivated from your story too, and i think i want to keep the cycle of postcard going..thank you ms ija..your words were magical..


my heart keeps singing..

so why am i writing this today..?what is crossing on my mind..?something melodic may be..?so the story begins like this:

a few weeks ago i was in a car with my boyfriend when i heard this very nice and manly song from someone whom voice’s so familiar to my ears..well, at that point, i just said to my boyfriend “hey, what a nice song” and he agreed..

so a few days later, i heard it again and made an assumption that may be this particular artist sang that song..and a couple of days ago, a friend of mine poured out what have been kept so long in his heart about a heartbroken tragedy in his life, suddenly the song came out from the radio..

so i googled this potential name of the singer that i have in mind, and go through some of his songs’ lyrics and i found out that i was right! bingo! i knew it was him..the singer is david cook, and the song is light on..to my surprise as i went through the lyrics, i found the storyline behind the lyrics as similar to my friend’s sad story..well, not quite similar but about the same..=)

so at that point, i wonder how powerful words can be that they can express just everything that’s on our mind..and words can even be arranged to convey a message in a very dramatic and melodic way..and i wonder how creative the lyricsists are in making up a beautiful story in each song..where do they get all the ideas..?i bet producing a good lyrics is not an easy job..

look at these examples:

1) to express determination to go..

Words could never make me stay
Words will never take my place
When you know I’m leaving (light on-david cook)

2) to express freedom and being rebellious..

So I’m gonna drink my money
I’m not gonna pay his rent (nope)

And I don’t need you
And guess what?
I’m havin’ more fun
And now that we’re done (so what-pink)

3) to forget all the miseries..

What’s going on on the floor?
I love this record baby but I can’t see straight anymore
Keep it cool, what’s the name of this club?
I can’t remember but it’s alright, a-alright (just dance-lady gaga)

4) to show love of course..most songs are love songs..

Through the fire through the rain
Through the joy and the pain
este amor remains the same
I’m a give u the world
Through the fights through the change
Through the nights through the days
este amor remains the same
I’m a give u the world (give you the world-the DEY)

having said all these, i think i’m going to write about songs now..i don’t know but i think songs are just so phenomenal..if there is a word for that..haha..we grow up with songs and some songs can even remind us of something at some stage of our life..

i always have myself to be the example here..haha..i still remember britney’s song that was famous when i was in primary school..the song was ‘sometimes’ and i still remember hearing the song when i was drove to school by my late grandfather and i still remember he asked me to turn off the radio and play the quran recitation cassete instead as it’ll be more blessful for us as muslim to start the day by asking for guidance from Him the most merciful, to make the best out of the new day..huhu..

then backstreet boys larger then life..this song was famous when i was in secondary school..when i was in form one..and i still remember when i was singing show me the meaning of being lonely to myself, i heard a voice continuing what i was singing..haha..that was so memorable..i can even reminisce the people around me at that time..my seniors, the events that took place..almost everything..including what’s in and out at that moment..

see, it’s not little what something so little like a coming and going song can bring into our life..i think i can go on and on and on when i talk about something i love like music..so i better shut my mouth right now..actually..to immediately post this and stop typing..=)


i’ve been told a magical bedtime story

a nicely told movie
a nicely told movie

i’ve watched several movies this holiday which include quantum of solace, transporter 3, madagascar 2, yes man and very recently i watched the bedtime stories..


this story is about a man, who should inherit the hotel bussines or at least, be someone more important than a handyman in the hotel..however, he might not be as lucky may be because of his education, but he lives a normal and humble life..dreaming of material wealth just like any other ordinary people..

here’s the turn of the story..when he gets to babysit his niece and nephew, he realises that whatever his niece and nephew say when he is telling them a bedtime story, the story will magically turn into reality..so that’s when all the magical and fictitious stories take place..how he tries to make the kids tell the ending that he wants, how he becomes the hero in every tales and how he eventually wants the kids to make the story so he becomes the new manager of the new hotel..every story is created in a way that will make us realise that we cannot get what we desire so easily..but i think it’s irony in some way because this is obviously just a tale like the other tales so why can’t it be very magical..?so the hero can always get what he wants..for example if he wants to be the manager of the hotel, he can ask for help from the fairy to make him the manager..well, i have to admit that children nowadays mature earlier and they know that there are things that is impossible to happen..so this story is a mixture of fantasy and also reality..

as for a fan of magical, fiction and fantasy movies, the bedtime stories is a very light movie and surely will entertain the kids..eventhough it is a very simple movie, i might say the storyline  is even better than the storyline of the quantum of solace..

and thinking of what i’m doing right now which is doing some sort of a movie review or commentary, it reminds me of the times when i was studying introduction to english literature..everytime when we need to analyse a novel, a play a poem and what not, we have to go through the themes, characteristics, symbols and motifs..for me evrything is so complicated that we need to interpret and analyse the materials for the sake of understanding the piece that was made by the dead..but at the end of the day, there is no right or wrong answers in literature so why do we need to understand what the dead is trying to say when we can freely interpret it as we wish..?

so when i read my review on the bedtime stories movie, i don’t have to go in details with the characters, themes, motifs and symbols to make the readers understand what i mean or understand what is the movie all about..i wish literature can be more easier..haha..literature people won’t like this entry..


what am i thinking..?

this is an interesting tv series
this is an interesting tv series

what i am thinking right now..

::what does jack means when he said i wore chucks..?::

pretty vague what u meant with that jack..so come out now and explain..

::when can i get my allowance from dad’s previous company..?::

well, the allowance is hoped to help me..hehe..not much, but dad said i can expect around MYR1000 in cash..

::how can i go to sunway tomorrow..?::

i think bi has to come and fetch me since dad has gone to work yesterday..i thought he’ll only be gone today..so i can ask him to drop me at seremban and stay over there untill tomorrow..

::what should i buy when i reach wellington..?::

phew~it’s always pretty tough to start a new life..i’ll be staying in a new house with new housemates next semester..so i need to figure out what furnishing that i need to buy since it’s not a fully furnished house..i need to be ready to plan the expenses for power, internet and rental fees..i hope my friends can help me with the calculations..

::is brothers and sisters on tv tonight..?::

i’ve seen the repeat of the series a few times and i think i love the show..i saw an advert last night telling that brothers and sisters will start its new season tonight and i can’t wait to see what is happening with their new lives..this particular tv series really shows how an american family live their lives to suit the standard of american dreams..it’s touching sometimes seeing them trying to secure the family bond eventhough they are facing a huge obstacles that may rock their relationships..it might show the reality of western lives, but unapplicable to the eastern cultures..