Owh new year..part I

it’s already 2009 and i hope it’s still not too late for me to wish everybody a very happy new year..as for me, i’ve never make any new year resolutions because i think i always make new resolutions..i dun need to wait until new year to make them..it can be called a new resolution when i planned to work hard for my EDUC assignments..also, when i think i’ve gained some weight and i decided that i need to jog everyday to lose some weight, i made another resolution at that point..=p well, quoting from rudy who used to be in the morning crew, he once said, “my new year resolution is not to make any new year resolution”..haha..it’s funny, but it’s true for me because i might forget what i aimed eventhough i’ve said it yesterday..haha..simply because i’m not so serious about what i aimed..

so what’s happenned to me so far..?phew~it was a very busy 1st week in 2009..my dad suddenly planned to go to terengganu to visit my grandmother who just came back from Mecca..it’s been 6 years since i last visited my grandmother..she’s getting older, but i can say she’s pretty well and healthy for her age, in comparison to my mother’s mom state of health..she doesn’t do much work i guess since she lives with my father’s brother..she doesn’t keep hens, chickens, ducks, swans or even cats to keep her busy..she doesn’t make curry puff to fill up her past time as my mother’s mom does..no wonder she still looks young..even her hands are softer then mine..but to be honest, i can’t live in her culture..they speak different dialects from me, and they even eat differently from me..they prefer food to be sweet but i prefer my food to be hot and spicy..

i don’t put the blame to my parents for not making me well adjusted to both cultures since i was young as i’m well grown up now and i can go visit her on my own and try to suit myself with my other side of family but i just refuse to..the reason is simply because i’m a neat freak and i think i have some kind of disorder that if i’m a hollywood celebrity i might know what disorder i’m having, which makes me uncomfortable being in a place that is not so clean and tidy..

what did i expect..my grandmother lives with my uncle who has 5 sons..two of them are no longer underage but what do guys know about cleaning and decorating house..?pardon me but i don’t mean to offend anyone..this is just what i saw and experience..huhu..my aunty works as a tailor and only get back to home after 5pm..she’ll be busy cooking for dinner afterwards..cleanliness might not be her priority..but that makes me uncomfortable..be it i haven’t got enough sleep and i still have assignments to submit and hell no suddenly my mother in law wants to come to my house..i’d rather be sick for not having enough rest rather then leaving my house uncleaned..

i need to write a different post now..i’m getting carried out with my dissatisfaction..


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