Owh new year..part II

there’s something that i need to worry during my visit to terengganu..i need to think about my future house in wellington since i’ve decided to flat out with my friends and up until that day i was in terengganu, we haven’t chose any good house yet..

i’ve been busy going shopping with my family but my friends were busy contacting the landlord and seeking help from the housing agent to secure a house for us..i really felt sorry because there’s not much help that i can do to help them since i was in terengganu, and my aunty didn’t have internet connection..

my friends have shortlisted three houses which two were quite far from university and i don’t prefer those two houses since we’ll have classes at 8am next semester..poor us..we need to be near school just to make sure we attend the 8am classes..huhu..

the problem continues even when i was in langkawi..i was having a good vacation with my aunty and they still have to do the finding part without me..i wish i can help..they informed me every other time and i really thanked them..i think my decision is wise to flat out with them..we have chosen a house on Hatfield tarrace in kelburn but the price is quite expensive for what we got..we got an old toilet and kitchen, one broken door knob, but nice carpetting and distance to university..but i think hatfield terrace is quite far somehow..we got help from Anette, one of our coordinators..she has been dealing with the landlord since we’re away in Malaysia..

but i browsed around trade me few days ago and i found another house, with good pricing and furnishing and well situated on kelburn parade..poor us..not our luck this time around..if only we waited for 1 day..we’ll be just fine..but we haven’t sign the contract yet..huhu..i wish i wish..*sigh* now it’s problematic for us because we already paid the bond..

and now i have to consider buying a scooter, buy a bed, a printer and may be a few more furniture for the house..God, help us to get the best out of what we’ve got..amin..


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