owh new year..part III

enjoying the view and scared of the heights
enjoying the view and scared of the heights

so my journey continues to langkawi..actually i’ve purchased 4 tickets, for mom, grandma, maksu and me..however, at the very last minute, my grandma got a liltle unwell, so she decided not to go, and my mom has to stay with her to take care of her..hu~wut a waste..i’ve secured the tickets when they came out very cheap..the total price of the ticket was MYR85 each, inclusive of insurance and they are return tickets for God’s sake..but har~He’s more powerful, we planned, but He decides..

so i went to langkawi with maksu..we drove to serdang and angah and her husband sent us out to LCCT..we arrived in langkawi at 1040pm, and we checked in eagle bay hotel..i was quite surprised because it’s a 3 star hotel but it’s not even carpetted, the shower didn’t have curtain and even the shower flower was not functioning properly..so maksu and i decided that we’ll check in another hotel tomorrow..but we’ll need to check out the breakfast first..if the breakfast is not good, then we really can’t stay in this hotel next time..and to meet our expectation, i found the breakfast menu was quite aweful..so that’s it eagle bay hotel..no more next time..

we started the journey by visiting a few shopping haven for pinggan mangkuk that my mother asked me to buy..then we went to ride cable car, and visited mahsuri tomb..and by that time we already checked in a new hotel..it’s bella vista, cheaper, but better..we went to the night market and ate dinner at the near by stall and it was great..nice nasi goreng ayam..but i had a migrane that night and it was so bad..so i got myself some good rest..

the next day we shopped..and visited prime gallery..not bad..maksu loves museum..i just went around playing with my camera..i got myself and boyfriend bvlgari perfume..=)i bought the miniature set, which have a set for homme and femme too..

back at home, i need to be ready as my grandma planned to have a small fiest to wellcome my uncle who just came back from mecca..i told her not to put up the fiest as she hasn’t recover yet and it gonna make her tired but she insisted in doing it..and i don’t practically like fiest because i’ll get tired in doing the cleaning job..and i did..and even worse, i have a period..so i need a break now..may be a vacation with my boyfriend..


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