what am i thinking..?

this is an interesting tv series
this is an interesting tv series

what i am thinking right now..

::what does jack means when he said i wore chucks..?::

pretty vague what u meant with that jack..so come out now and explain..

::when can i get my allowance from dad’s previous company..?::

well, the allowance is hoped to help me..hehe..not much, but dad said i can expect around MYR1000 in cash..

::how can i go to sunway tomorrow..?::

i think bi has to come and fetch me since dad has gone to work yesterday..i thought he’ll only be gone today..so i can ask him to drop me at seremban and stay over there untill tomorrow..

::what should i buy when i reach wellington..?::

phew~it’s always pretty tough to start a new life..i’ll be staying in a new house with new housemates next semester..so i need to figure out what furnishing that i need to buy since it’s not a fully furnished house..i need to be ready to plan the expenses for power, internet and rental fees..i hope my friends can help me with the calculations..

::is brothers and sisters on tv tonight..?::

i’ve seen the repeat of the series a few times and i think i love the show..i saw an advert last night telling that brothers and sisters will start its new season tonight and i can’t wait to see what is happening with their new lives..this particular tv series really shows how an american family live their lives to suit the standard of american dreams..it’s touching sometimes seeing them trying to secure the family bond eventhough they are facing a huge obstacles that may rock their relationships..it might show the reality of western lives, but unapplicable to the eastern cultures..


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