i’ve been told a magical bedtime story

a nicely told movie
a nicely told movie

i’ve watched several movies this holiday which include quantum of solace, transporter 3, madagascar 2, yes man and very recently i watched the bedtime stories..


this story is about a man, who should inherit the hotel bussines or at least, be someone more important than a handyman in the hotel..however, he might not be as lucky may be because of his education, but he lives a normal and humble life..dreaming of material wealth just like any other ordinary people..

here’s the turn of the story..when he gets to babysit his niece and nephew, he realises that whatever his niece and nephew say when he is telling them a bedtime story, the story will magically turn into reality..so that’s when all the magical and fictitious stories take place..how he tries to make the kids tell the ending that he wants, how he becomes the hero in every tales and how he eventually wants the kids to make the story so he becomes the new manager of the new hotel..every story is created in a way that will make us realise that we cannot get what we desire so easily..but i think it’s irony in some way because this is obviously just a tale like the other tales so why can’t it be very magical..?so the hero can always get what he wants..for example if he wants to be the manager of the hotel, he can ask for help from the fairy to make him the manager..well, i have to admit that children nowadays mature earlier and they know that there are things that is impossible to happen..so this story is a mixture of fantasy and also reality..

as for a fan of magical, fiction and fantasy movies, the bedtime stories is a very light movie and surely will entertain the kids..eventhough it is a very simple movie, i might say the storyline  is even better than the storyline of the quantum of solace..

and thinking of what i’m doing right now which is doing some sort of a movie review or commentary, it reminds me of the times when i was studying introduction to english literature..everytime when we need to analyse a novel, a play a poem and what not, we have to go through the themes, characteristics, symbols and motifs..for me evrything is so complicated that we need to interpret and analyse the materials for the sake of understanding the piece that was made by the dead..but at the end of the day, there is no right or wrong answers in literature so why do we need to understand what the dead is trying to say when we can freely interpret it as we wish..?

so when i read my review on the bedtime stories movie, i don’t have to go in details with the characters, themes, motifs and symbols to make the readers understand what i mean or understand what is the movie all about..i wish literature can be more easier..haha..literature people won’t like this entry..


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