to my teachers..


wow, it’s very windy and i woke up this morning because i heard the empty plastic vase was smashing the front door..and pretty much because i got a message from wawa, a friendly reminder for me to complete my online enrolment before 1st feb..so turned on the computer, lazily completed the enrolment for next semester..i’ve seen some boring subjects in the list and i wonder what grade i’ll be getting for those subjects..

and i started to browse rijal’s blog..and i saw a link to my ex school’s blog..well, i’m still a teenager at heart so i gave the blog a look..and to my surprise my english teacher has also started her own blog..owh, before i found out that ms ija is a blogger too now, i read an entry about ms haniza’s transfer to a new school..it’s sad that she’s leaving the school because there’re so much for her to remeber about the school..=) i still remember my time in form 2 when ms haniza was my english teacher..i cannot remember vividly but i still remember the stories she told us..

there was a time when suddenly all the boys in the class were not as playful as usual and concentrating on what was being taught in class..may be exam is coming..guys-they won’t sit quietly and concentrate on something if they don’t have anything to do for their benefit..well, forget about them..so in the middle of the class, ms haniza told us to study hard, and be grateful for all the facilities that were made convenient to us..i remembered the part when she said she used to walk to school which was so away from her house..and her family can only afford to buy her ‘fongkiong’ shoes..as for her pocket money, it was way so little from what we were getting at that time..so she told us that we have no reasons not to study because everything was prepared for us and the only thing that we need to think about was study..and she even said, the moment we regretted our life for not making the best out of the education we were receiving, it would be too late..

well ms haniza, i remembered a time when i was goofing around you, asking you to help me with my grade and you just couldn’t be bothered by me..i was so frustrated at that moment but now i realised, it’s not the result that matters, it’s the end product that you were aiming to help me with..i came to realise this when i was struggling with my sociology paper when i was doing my A level..i keep failing the first few tests and worked harder everytime after that  and when i got the result that enabled me to fly to new zealand, i understood why you ignored me when i asked you to give me extra marks to improve my grade..that i need to put on more and more effort and eventually the effort bear its fruit..and i thank you for the motivation you gave from your stories..i really appreciate that..

and as for ms ija, i was in your class since i was in the 3rd form..and i still remember many things..haha..you’ve always liked to tease nazmie hares because you said he looked like your son..and fendi qc..for using bombastic vocabs in his essays..anyway, you told us a story too remember..?i do if you don’t..

you told us that your teacher told you that it was wonderfavourite teacherful seeing the hills from the air when she arrived to this one place which i couldn’t remember where..you were motivated by her story and when you got the chance to see what she saw, you sent her a postcard telling you were there where she was..and then you tell the story to your students and you too received a postcard from the student who was motivated by your story and made it to the foreign land..and as a matter of fact, i was motivated from your story too, and i think i want to keep the cycle of postcard going..thank you ms ija..your words were magical..


3 thoughts on “to my teachers..

  1. Sob ..sob tq for the story.it’s sweet of u. See u can actually write…there are many good entries here.May I copy n post this story to the eng blog? I started facebook last week but couldn’t find you & izyana there… well m still figuring out how it works though.

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