a lovely morning..

i think i never write here about my family’s regular visit to the beach to get fresh seafood..so here i am, writing all about it now..

it started long ago, when late grandfather was still healthy..he liked fresh seafood and when he had some free time, he would go to the beach with grandma..

now that grandfather is no longer around..the habbit is passed down to my grandma..she wouldn’t easily buy the seafood at the nearby wet market because she said she can get chaper and fresher seafood from the fishermen themselves..exactly when the fishermen arrived by the shore..

so this morning we went out to pantai puteri..we bought a bucketful of fish, prawn, squid and some vegetables..i think i’m getting attracted to this practice because me too, is a fussy eater like my late grandfather..i know how a dish should taste and if it doesn’t taste as good as what i’m expecting, i wouldn’t finish the food..so the solution to this, i cook on my own, and only use fresh raw materials..=)

after buying those seafood, we had a lovely brunch at the nearby stall..i ate nasi lemak, with sunny side up, kangkung rebus, fried anchovies, cucumber and kinda sweet sambal..i dun really like the sambal, but it’s not too bad..umi and grandma got themselves two crispy roti canai each..and idin..he had nasi lemak and roti telur..

anyway..my point here is..i’m so going to miss this routine when i’m back in wellington..fish are way expensive and different there..i wish i can have fish as much in wellington..hu~i didn’t snap any pictures..bi, the camera..it’s with you..


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