hello my darling future cars..

i came across one of my friends blog and she was writing about what she found from her friend’s blog..it was about home furnishing..specifically her dreamed home furnishing..so i think i can steal something from her blog too..but i want to write about my future cars..huhu..

i might not be able to write like a pro..because i never have any experience of owning a car..and i rarely drive..so i’m going to write about cars, solely based on their look..=)hoho..

i always love mini cooper..and i think people in new zealand are more capable of owning such cars compared to malaysians..i think mini cooper is kind of rare in malaysia..and i wonder why mini cooper becomes so expensive in malaysia..let’s check out the price..

model: mini ONE-auto transmission capasity (cc): 1397 price: nzd 32900 model: mini coop S-auto transmission capasity (cc): 1598 price: nzd 46900

and in malaysia..the same model are sold for:-

myr 195290 for mini ONE-auto and myr 239290 for mini cooper S-auto

if i directly convert the price for mini ONE-auto from nzd to myr, the price should only be around myr 62435..and as for the mini coop S-auto, it should be sold for only myr 89026..there you go..there’s politic involve but i don’t see the politic is benefiting the citizen nor the country itself because the national cars are sold at a high price but with high defects..citizen might as well go for imported cars, a litle bit expensive, but with very minimal defects..but i think the national car is improving..the time will eventually come for the national car to have less defects..then only the price is worth for the quality..(is my sentence right here?) and i think if that mini cooper is sold at a more reasonable price, more malaysians can afford to use such cars..and i think we wouldn’t be looking like a 3rd world country as much..huhu..it’s not that we can’t afford to buy those cars, but we were made to look like we can’t afford to..

2007 mini cooper S convertible

but anyways, we can always dream couldn’t we..?i have another dream car..it’s volkswagen the beetle..i love its lovely shape, and as for its quality, i admire the way the body of the car is constructed..it is made from high-tensile steels, mould-hardened components and in a lightweight, profile-intensive design, provides benefits in terms of both safety and minimal gap dimensions (volswagen.com, 2008)..i bet everyone would enjoy their ride in this car..and as for the price, this car is not as expensive as mini cooper..the new 1.6 beetle is priced for myr 140,778.00 and for the 2.0, it is sold for myrmalaysia.. 158,060.00..no wonder i see more beetles compared to minis in

2008 volkswagen beetle

but this one car that i want to show is exactly what i want..for real..and for practical reasons..but i wonder..do they sell concept cars..?haha..i always love pivo because i’m not good in driving big cars..nor good in reversing cars..so pivo suits me because it can make 360 degrees turn..so i don’t have to worry whenever i back-park my car as i don’t need to reverse it to go come out from the car park..i love it..haha..and it’s fuel efficient..i just have to get it charged for my journey..it might not be practical for long distance journey but hey..so what is the point of having aeroplanes if we can’t use them..furthermore..i don’t like being in the car for a long time..

2006 nissan pivo concept

time to get realistic yuyu..ok..so for my family car..?i think i like mpv type for family car..because now the government has implemented the rule for use of seatbelts for rear passengers, i think i might need bigger space..but nah~nissan latio sports didn’t have that so big space but i like it anyway..i’ll go for it..you have to agree with me bi..la la la..

nissan latio sports 1.6


7 thoughts on “hello my darling future cars..

  1. pivo..nonono..n i wont agree 4 nothin..hehe..dear..nk chrge hp pon mls..nk charge kete..apekah…..

  2. indah sungguh impian
    tapi tu la
    semahal mana
    selaju mana
    tapi kot driver dia
    kuar simpang umah pun tak pandai
    bawak keta, naik basikal pun lagi laju
    rentikan la yuyu
    baik kita kayuh je basikal tu
    sihat pun sihat

    1. uhu~~~aku tlah tpikat dgn kete tu..tp apekah..design dh cun..size pn utk 4 org..tp pntu dua..pd aku die wajar ad 4 pntu..sbb die x kck..die bsar..

  3. hm.. itu lah.. a bit frustrating on that aspect. tempat duduk pun cukup cukup 4 je.. kalau 5 kan bagus sikit, harge dah la bleh tahan.

  4. 2 pintu la baru sporty sket.
    kalo 4 pintu dah kena compromise on design.
    tak la jadi lawa camtu

    1. tu la ko..lme sgt x blk msia terchenta neh..nissan ad kua kete cm ni..tp 4 pntu..ad kt blog aku tu..cun..btol..tp xde la prestigous cm volvo tu..tp boleh la..kt msia ni nmpak latio sport tu cm ‘kete mhl’ la jgak..pdhal xsmpai 100k xsilap aku..aku check blk..

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