colourful hangout..

yesterday’s outing was a very quick decision..cuda suggested for us to go out on wednesday, so begum and me quickly agreed to..begum actually needed to bring her car to service center in Bachang so while waiting for her car, acheng picked us up..acheng arrived with cuda and wana..so as usual we started to tell stories when we got together..cuda with the story of her house being so crowded as she got extra unwanted housemates, acheng with her pity story for being penniless..haha..so she started to assign each one of us with what we could do to help her..one would pay the parking ticket..one would pay for bowling..one would pay for cinema..and one would pay for her food..owh my story..?i told them about the surprise wedding plan..hoho..i was so scared to death with bi’s family plan..and that i chose to disagree with the plan of getting married this early..haha..and all that they did was just laughed out loud at me..wana..?she told us about the broken toilet door knob..and got it replaced with the front door knob..and that she had to give the key to her friend later in that day..

and to our surprise..none of our plans which was to play bowling and watch movie was successful..we were about to play bowling and we saw endless list of queues waiting for the lanes to be availabe..i hate school holidays..couldn’t those kids give us some time to hang out..?they’ve had more than enough time to meet each other at school so spend your time with family during school holidays..(trying to forget all the hangouts i made when i was still in school during school holidays)..haha..

frustrated-so we go to kopitiam to eat..la la la..i love food..and that’s why my friends can see that i’m now growing more to the sideways..haha..i’ll cease those unwanted fat when i get back in wellington..and i’m afraid now that acap will see me before i get to lose those extra weight and say what i said to him when i first met him in wellington..wuwu..

owh, to our surprise again, we met izyana, izyani, apeng and liely..haha..and topak..it’s like a small reunion for batch 0004..i’m very happy that i got to see most of my friends before i go back to wellington..izyana is now wearing braces..yan is now having her internship in a chinese company that enables her to get a week long holiday..apeng is still the muslimah type..and liely still not gaining anymore heights..haha..sorry peeps..i was so excited..i was about to go to the toilet after praying when i heard mang screaming my name..i was a bit confused..but i knew eventually that this was real..haha..how i missed my friends..but i went to pee anyway..and continue to talk with them after that..=)

so by not being able to watch any movie, we went around to find cleo magazine to see cuda’s picture in it..she was in the running for cleo cover girl but she didn’t win it..but we’re proud of her..she’s in a mag for God sake..haha..we took a lot of pictures..but anyway..mang apeng yan~!!knp la kte x amek gmba smlm..?sengal la..ape korg ingt..?haha..

owh..i’ve got myself a sunshades..blame begum for this..she said she got it for cheap..so i was tempted to buy~!!!


12 thoughts on “colourful hangout..

  1. haha…bguskan idea aku tok korang belanje aku semlm…thanks lot la ya rakan2…. ;p
    mmg kesengketan duit laaaa..but i had so much fun yesterday!!!!

    1. ye..ko la yg plg bijak merencanakan pblanjaan ktorg..haha..pasni aku pn nk ckp xde duet..nk korg payong sume yay~!!!

  2. nk tau x hr tu ktorg jumpe ckgu kama, wife die n anak die time ktorg nk baya parking keta…
    lame gile x jumpe ko weh. last bile ek ak jmp ko?? x ingt x ingt~ ko pn x tau ak pakai braces, means, da cukup lame la x jmp ko…hehe…
    tp kn, ko ko still same beb, tahi lalat membesa dgn sehat x??? h0h0h0…


    1. ye..sgt lme kan mang..ko knp bdn xnk naek2 eh mang..bdn aku dh cm belon dh..mkn byk2 tao mang~~!!!tek lalat neh tlbh sehat k..so pasni kalo aku bjye diet..mungken tek lalat aku akn kempes sket..hoho..ko tek lalat ko cm dh xde je mang..ko buang eh mang..?hahaha..

  3. hoho..mengxpresskn d colourful outin ngn mgnekn elemen2 kaler..anda bijak bmaen ngn variasi kaler n @ d same time..n hey..it’s confidential mi dear

    1. adkah bi tlah tlupe nk abeskn ur sentence..?but anyway..la la la..not so confidential nemore..bnde bek xbleh simpan2..kne sebar2kn..la la la..wi~~~haha..

  4. hahha…aku mmg tul2 takde duit time tu la sengalll… bukan cam ko, nak wat2 takde duit.xde maknanye aku nak percaya.hahaa

  5. hehe..yuyu..di pertemuanmang n cikgu kama tu la aku telah dapat berita yang dia ingt aq
    AKU ok

  6. hahahahaha
    yatie ngokngek.
    meh la ak quote blk ap ckg kama ckp

    Ckg kama: awk ni batch clone kn?
    Aku : Clone? (ngn muka blank)
    Ckg kama : Batch clone, batch yatie
    Aku : oh ha, haah

  7. ckop mang..pmpuan sngal tu tepon aku smate2 nk bgtau hati die tlah terbang mlayang2 sbb ckgu tu..pastu die dok bsg2..ckgu kama cm slekeh..pastu brangan..sure x slekeh kalo die jd bini ckgu kama..wakakaka..

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