can i google answers to my problem..?

i went to accompany yot to do her application for special case study leave in uitm shah alam..she made the application because she wants to take care of her sick father and helps her sister runs the petrol stations..

ok i went there with her, and expected to meet begum and lea..unfortunately, they were busy with their classes and they’ve also been near to broke..so with their condition, we can’t afford to even hang out for dinner..wuwu..don’t put the blame on me for not sponsoring them..because i almost run out of cash myself..wuwu..

but we met chi2 anyway..she came with her boyfriend and we spent sometime together..=) we had a good laugh together..

but i can’t be happy all the time..i’m still a very tiny servant to my Creator..i’ve several problems to worry about and to add the misseries, my laptop is driving me crazy..and i’ll have to go back in 3 weeks time..i don’t feel like writing..but thank you to bi..he’s willing to help with my laptop..

but one thing i do realise..i think i’m growing up..because i’ve been thinking about the problems in my family institution..and i can see now that my friends are all thinking about their family’s problem too..we are now a part of the family members who do the thinking to figure out what ways can be taken to help solve the test from the Almighty..


4 thoughts on “can i google answers to my problem..?

  1. He wil nvr test u sth beyond u r capable of dear.plus..u hf evri1 ’round u..jz stay put. =) n lepie is doin gud i’Allah

  2. why u did invite me to s’alam?
    i was bored till death u noe.
    u..next week lets hang out..
    i’m longing for it..
    if i’ve extra money then, i’ll pay for ya..ehe…(baik hati tak kawan ko ni????)

  3. good idea chengkong..bcuz i’ll go out with wanted esk..so we can meet up sumwer..xpe la..keep ur money for future use..we go dutch..ok..=)

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