i wish i own the post office..

i already bought some cooking pastes and powders to be brought to wellington..so i wont miss mom’s cooking as much..and now that i have a box full of foods and weigh nearly 15kg, i wonder how much would it cost me to ship it to new zealand..

so i browsed the net and checked the website for pos malaysia..i keyed in the country that i wanted the foods to be sent to, and their weight..and the pricing were: if i were to send it using land transportation (ship..why land..?) it would cost me around myr 82.00..but if i were to fly the box, it would cost me myr 430.00..please..i just want to pamper myself with my hometown cookings..so why should it be that expensive..?

can't you see my darlings waiting to fly..?
can't you see my darlings are waiting to fly..?

so now i think i might need to divide those foods into two..i will bring half of them with me on the flight..and another half will be posted..i hope this will help..


2 thoughts on “i wish i own the post office..

    1. kne ade..kimball xde la kt sane..ad sos yg plek je..tp ade sos megi kn kat sane..?uwaaa..cmne ni..aku kalo bleh nk je bkak tesco kt weli tu..huhu..n nk harga murah cm kt msia jgak..

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