spoiling vs pampering..

any word synonymous to pamper..?
any word synonymous to pamper..?

i think everyone who knows me, will know very well that i love to pamper myself..be it with foods..or just some very light entertainment..and as a matter of fact, i like to keep my place clean, so i can lean and relax (which means pampering too!) in a hygenic environment..

i’d still go out for sushi with kak long at california sushi eventhough that was the time when everyone’s (yes, including me) waiting so desperately for the allowance to be banked in..i’d still go out for bubble tea with dely, fana, ain or nida eventhough my assignment is due just the next day..i’d still go out and watch movie with sha eventhough i’ve just watched a movie the day before..and i’d still go to mughlai curry corner for a plate of delicious chicken briyani with dely eventhough i’m still not hungry..and i love browsing around the sunday market and new world metro just to see the business going on in that market..i love shopping for fresh vegetables and fruits..especially when i can get them for cheap..

and i don’t mind spending my weekends at home doing the cleanings around the house and at the end of the day, i get to enjoy my cookings with my friends and everyone is free to sit around just anywhere because the place is cleaned..=) i call the satisfaction for seeing the clean environment as a therapy..

em..but i don’t spoil myself as much..because i shop for clothes only when i need to buy them..and i don’t really buy expensive clothing lines..as i buy only what i can afford to buy..but how do i define spoiling..?only by buying expensive clothes and having a regular shopping habbit..?so what is the difference between shopping for foods regularly and shopping for clothes..?is there any discerning line separating one from another..?well i don’t think so either..

so now am i both pampering and spoiling myself..?may be when i started to visit a spa then only i can distinguish between pampering and spoiling myself..huhu..em..let me do the thinking first..

i'm exercising..can't you see..?
i'm exercising..can't you see..?



7 thoughts on “spoiling vs pampering..

  1. i would love if u cud help me, cleaning my ro0m… oyo0ooo…
    damn messy..
    each time i’ve cleand it, the next day, it gonna be messy again…
    with bo0ks…clothes… dust of coz… unused things…arghhh…tension tul la duk dlm bilik yg bersepah.

    1. kpd acheng: sile rajen2 kn diri anda..ckop la aku kne kmas kn locker c bella tu evrytime asrama tbuke..aku kmas mlm ni..esk locker die srabot blk cm br lpas kne rompak..haha..acheng..kne rajen..br bleh kurus jgak..dan sehat xde habuk2..ok!

  2. lalala..i wnder who do d exercisin part each time we’r done w shupping..hahah..huhu..i m d 1 who is less pampered heya..so..mind 2 d cleanin2..cukin2 w me..hee

    1. la la la..dat’s keje amal la bi..kne saling membantu..hey2..i do my excercising part ok..haha..

  3. so.. percubaan pertama untuk mengomen.. aku rase spoiling ngan pampering tu dua2 duduk kat belah yang sama.. sebab sifat dan tabii spoiling ngan pampering dua2 merosakkan… habis lah ko.. rosak2… hahaha

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