my grandma’s favourite pet..

it was 2 days ago that i saw my mother coming back from the nearby shop with a hand full of weird cereals..people says curiosity kills the cat, but since i’m not a cat, i need to find answer for my question of-what were those things..?i looked at the cereal and i could tell from the labels that there’s soy bean in one plastic bag, habbatus sauda’ powder in one bag, and ground dedak in one bag..

so i wonder why mother was buying more because the similar stocks of cereal for the chickens and the ducks were still available..and why was mom buying in smaller amount..?and most importantly, the mature chickens and ducks don’t eat those well-ground cereal..so, who wanted to eat all those..?

so i got my answer yesterday..i was mopping in the house when i saw grandma coming from the stairs outside, heading to the veranda while holding a basin with a cover..i heard a tiny chirp coming from that basin..but i just could not care less..and i continued cleaning the house..

but suddenly grandma came out from the kitchen bringing with her all the cereals..and with 3 empty bowl..she started to put the cereals in the bowls and put the bowls in the basin..

the angsa

the funny part was, while she was dividing the cereal in the bowl and making sure that she made the finest blend of cereal for that little creature in the basin, i heard the geese were making a lot of noise from their shed i might say..is there a word for reban in english..?just take shed as reban..=p ok so the three geese were making a lot of noise because grandma actually kidnapped their newly hatched baby..

while trying to feed the baby goose..grandma said something like this (hoping the geese in the shed would listen to her), “why are you making so much noise..i’m taking your baby because you cannot take good care of your baby..you will end up strolling around and forget that you have a baby..and there’s another unhatched egg..so you need to incubate the egg..hey you little goose..tell your parents that you are safe here”  while giving the goose some salads too..yes..the goose is vegetarian..the soy bean was cleanly washed, boiled and scrambled before it was given to the goose..

hahaha..i wonder why grandma took very good care of that goose..then mom told me it’s because the geese had never been producing any eggs for like 5 years so when it does, grandma wants to make sure the eggs eventually turn into healthy goose..what ever grandma..as long as you are happy..my grandma even wash the basin once daily to make sure the goose will not be contaminated..there it goes-my grandma’s favourite pet..haha..



2 thoughts on “my grandma’s favourite pet..

  1. hye ayu zie!

    lame gile x dgr cite. last time wedding abg ayek lps ayu zie abis spm eh? lupe dah. huhu

    neway akak pon dh link blog ayu zie kat blog akak gak.

    tk cr ya~ 😀

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