the icons..

before i write what i really mean with the title i put up there, i want to write about something that i should call a ‘tragedy’ at the post office..i wanted to post a parcel containing my jacket and some instant noodles to my house in wellington because my bag was already filled with foods..so when i finished sealing the box, i immediately went to the post office..and as i opened the door at the post office, i was so surprised because i had never imagined that the post office would be that crowded..

so i took my turn..waited patiently..and grumping inside..haha..i wonder why couldn’t they open more counters..?obviously post office would always be busy so there should have been more than three OPENED counters..


hu~how i wish more malaysians especially the youths who has just graduated and still waiting for a good job offer to work temporarily at the post office so people don’t complaint so much anymore when they have to deal with the govenment organisations..at least you’ll get paid compared to just sitting at home and remain jobless for nearly six months..come on people..you can’t be so fussy all the time..


and dear the other customers..why you choose to pay the water bill at the post office while you can pay the bill at the JBA just across the road..?and pay the electrical bill just a mile away from the post office..?owh please..and you can always bank in your money and at the banks..yes banks..just a few footsteps away..for the sake of making their job done at one place..the real customers have to suffer..sob sob..

cry me a river

and about the tittle..i just found out that i can insert animation in my entry..so haha..i’m having fun exploring it..

bart on deck


6 thoughts on “the icons..

  1. ahahaha~ cite pasal post office lagik banyak dr tajuk asal~ ;P
    aku x pnah fikir nak letak animated.gif kt blog. cm menarik je~

    1. yes..masjid tanah..mungken kne ad 2 lagi pos ofis agakny kt msjid tnh ni..esp kt kg aku..

  2. em..mungken rmai anak mude y da cobe g walk-in interview kt pos opis msjd tnah 2..tp rata2 nye hampe kerne pos opis kt c2 requirement tinggi la syg..sian anda

    1. so apekah kne ngena mrk yg gagal interview dgn mngasihani diriku ini~~???daku x kne ngena~~~hey2 anda..sile keje kt sane ye..

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