i will be flying back tomorrow..

so there goes my four-month summer holiday in malaysia..it was filled with everything good and now i have to move on and continue with my studies..but trust me..i love the feelings to start a holiday more..compared to starting schooling again..huhu..

my laptop according to bi is now fixed and that i have nothing to worry about now..i’m set to fly off now..

and i’ve just got myself a second handphone so that i can keep my maxis number eventhough i’m away in wellington..so for my friends..you can still text me in wellington using my maxis number for the same rate..but i might not be able to reply as i’m paying for the roaming cost..but i will try my best to reply your text messages.. đŸ˜‰

and the luggage..i’m done packing almost 75% now..so by early next morning..i’m set to fly off..i’m flying with air asia to bangkok, then i’ll be taking british airways to sydney, then continue with qantas international to wellington..pray for my safe journey ya..amin~



10 thoughts on “i will be flying back tomorrow..

  1. yu~ selamat pulang ke NZ juge~~
    jg diri leklok~ jgn termakan babi cm dak cork itu~ huhuhu
    lame gak ek ko cuti 4 bulan…aku ingt 3 bln je~ ko balek skaki ngn diah ke? hr tu korg balek mesia same kn?

  2. destinasi wellington nu zilen tao..jgn g surabaya lak..tao la rindu kg hlaman

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