i’ve been sick these past few days..

it started on the night after i went out to senawang with my family for sate kajang..my stomach felt like it was filled with big bubbles inside..and gassy..and i was so uncomfortable that it woke me up in the middle of my sleep..i had an unpleasant abdominal pain too..the next morning after breakfast, everything was flushed out from my body and there i go..i had diarrhea..and for the rest of the day..i felt so weak..

i was kinda used to getting food poisoning because i love to go out and try and new good food but my body resistance ability is not as good as let say, my brother..just give him anything..he wouldn’t be affected..

i was planning to see the doctor that day for two reasons..first i want the doctor to remove the hardened skin underneath my toe and to get remedies for the unpleasant food poisoning as i started to experience nausea on that day..but however..none of the doctors in this area can do the removal..

so the next day..i went out with acheng, begum, rashid and wanted..after having some light lunch because i can’t afford to stuff a lot of food inside, bi accompanied me to the nearest skin specialist clinic and i got the skin removed before it gets any worse..and as usual..i was given oral rehidration salt which i refused to consume as i’m afraid it will affect my bowel because i have that experience~!but i took the other ubat pembunuh bacteria agaknya that was given to me by the doctor..

and i started to recover yesterday but i was foolish enough to still eat out with my brother..we went to secret recipe and i ordered the original cornish thinking that hot food will further affect my stomach but i was wrong..it was the water~!! i asked for plain water because i was trying to eat healthily but i gained the reversed result as the water was just filtered..and not properly boiled..so it happened again last night..my stomach upsetted again..but thank God there was no diarrhea..

here’s a link if you want check out more about food poisoning..but this is just the symtomps..



2 thoughts on “i’ve been sick these past few days..

  1. emm..i cek thru d provided link bt it seems simptoms y mnimpe diri bi un4taneli nt recorded yet..simptom tsebot ialah saye mkn mngikot waktu mkn y btol namon dlm sela mase y singkat daku akn klaparan kmbali..musykel~

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