i’ve arrived..safe and sound..

alhamdulillah..that i finally settled everything that everyone (who has just moved into a new house) should settle..and for the record, this has been the most independent moment in my life (technically).. ๐Ÿ™‚

how do i start..har~i arrived in wellington on february 26 with my friend shufaiha..and this year, she’s my new housemate..we’ve have decided that she, che and me are going to flat out together and we’ve chosen a house that we thought was nearby campus..

we have no idea how’s the house looks like..we just have a vague idea on how it looks from anette email as we asked for her help to check out for this house while we were in malaysia..and based on her description, we should get this house..as we were running out of options..in desperation, we chose this house..

shufaiha and i have started to worry about this house when we had quite a long journey past the university area..we thought the house should not be so far from the university..but it seemed like the journey was long enough and we just have to swallow the truth that the house was not as near as we expected it to be..huhu..

we kept complaining and whining about the house that night and kept feeling regretful for not being patient enough..but at the end of the day when we were simply tired of complaining, we found this house was not as bad..

all my belongings were still in storage and they could only come the next day..luckily i brought along my blanket but that night was chilled enough that blanket alone cannot keep me warm..i woke up the next day and all that i could do was to burst in so much tears..imagining how life could be even harder thinking that we have to build up everything from scratch..we have to buy the furnitures and set up the internet on our own..the things that we have to do were not so much but the processes that we have to undergone was at times, unbearable..

we went to the warehouse near the airport one day..all of us..me che and shufaiha..hoping that we could buy our furnitures that day..so we browsed around the warehouse and picked up some furnitures and at that moment we were confident that there should be no problem regarding the delivery service..but we were wrong as the delivery charge was very expensive..but alhamdulillah..He didn’t turn us down..He showed us another better place to shop for furnitures and the delivery service was also way cheaper..but i still couldn’t get myself a bed so for two weeks, we slept at the living room..luckily we have big and plenty of cushions to sleep on..however, i managed to get my bed last week.. ๐Ÿ™‚

and the internet..gosh another long story but let me just cut it short..i have to terminate the previous supplier i used because i couldn’t get the signal from my house and i have to find another provider and that it just so happened that this provider was so slow in keeping up with its customer..but anyways..i’m connected to internet eventually..thanks to shahrul who helped us to set up the internet..yes..the provider don’t set up the connection..we have to do it on our own..

i’ll post some pictures of my house in the next entry..and to my fellow c-11..i really2 miss you guys..and don’t worry about me..i’m doing fine right now..to ariff shah and amir fikrie..i’m so sorry that i could only read your offline messages and unable to IM because i don’t want to get stuck for hours at the computing service at uni..and bi..thank you for your messages and of course..the invalueable support..i’m back people~~! ๐Ÿ™‚

2 thoughts on “i’ve arrived..safe and sound..

  1. itu la.. wondering gak.. what happened to you actually since departure. kot2 x selamat ke, blog pun x de update. kuikuikui. skang baru tau la..

    tunjuk sikit rumah.

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