swimming with friends..=)

ok i’m sorry for not posting the pictures of my house and my room..i was simply too busy to take pictures and upload them here..i’ll try to make it tomorrow..

i was so into the mood of writing about the experience that i’ve undergone since i arrived in wellington 3 weeks ago..but the absence of internet hinder me from pouring everything..i don’t like to keep a draft in wordpad because i’m not patient enough to wait as i write to immediately publish it..

em..i’m writing about my subjects this trimester in this entry..so let me start withe the subjects then..i’m taking 1 linguistics paper (LING 211), 1 teaching paper (TEAP 232) and 1 specific clas that combines teaching and linguistics ALIN 201)..but my favourite is linguistics..i adore my lecturer so much because he has been in this field for his entire life that made the words that come out from his mouth are either too heavy or too funny..he’s very good with words..owh..of course he’s English..i saw him this afternoon driving up to karori after work..now i know what car he drives..

i was on my way to the nearest bus station to go to kilbirnie for swimming when sha and i saw our lecturer..we wonder how his life could have been like after working hours..hoho..

there are so many discoveries that i’ve leaned in linguistics class and they are briliantly interesting..i’ll share what i’ve learned when i have time to write..but trust me..you wouldn’t be wasting your time reading linguistics related entry..haha..

hu~i’m totally exhausted..tired..my arms felt so heavy..i need to get some rest for now..

p/s: imagine how pathetic the internet suppliers in wellington can be..i’ve even submitted my 1st linguistics assignment for this trimester and yet, i was not connected with the internet at that time..

12 thoughts on “swimming with friends..=)

  1. there are so many discoveries that i’ve leaned in engineering class and they are briliantly interesting..but trust me..you wouldn’t be wasting your time reading engineering related entry..hahahaha..mind 2 read tho?@ least katel x goncang2.. =)

    1. ye..ko sure ske..pasni ko gntikn aku msk klas LING..ko pasti ske dgn lecturer aku jgak..

  2. laa part swimming nye siket je. hohoho…

    aku pnah swimming kt USM ni, and nk tunjuk pandai sgt sket lagi nak lemas kt tgh2 pool tu. huuhu~ x lemas lg, tp menyelam sambil minum air…yes2 i noe, yeeeeeeekkksss!!!

    1. haha..slow2 mang..aku pon ade tminum air chlorine aritu..tp xde plak tkne infection..tp yg part die ingt ko ngandung tu mmg xbleh blah..haha..tp mmg la mang..aku kne food poisoning aritu pon doctor tanye aku ny cycle period ok ke tak..xpe2..saba mang saba..haha..

  3. ko tau, bley plak doctor tu suspect ak PREGNANT?? xle trime btol!!! marah gile aku. ingt aku ni biatch ape!!!

    ok2 aku stop cni…hohoho

  4. cessss~~

    ngokngek x doctr tu…x nmpk ke muke aku ni yg sgt innocent die bley ckp aku pregnant..
    nurse tu plak bley pandang muke aku dgn pandangan “ish3 blom kawen da ngandong” ..eee geram bile pk blk

    1. ha..ko layak ngamok kt derg mang..mcm nes tu baik sgt je..dh la judge org..cis~~~~
      tp..dr sudut pandangan yg lain..ehem2..mungken ko je kot rs cmtu..ye la..xpsl2 doktor syak ko ngandong..kakaka..sure neves..haha..

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