i’m just taking a break..

i so can’t believe this..i was in the middle of completing my assignment when i decided to make a new entry..there’s not much that i wanted to say but i was just..so feel like writing..

my fellow mara-tesl-friends and i were planning to go to rotorua this coming easter break and i’ve already browsed around the net looking for the activities that i might want to try..and i had horse riding, archering and boat riding in mind..however, i think everybody is eager to try zorb or swoop and may be bungee..so i realised that i might be doing all those activities on my own..huhu..it couldn’t be more exciting unless you have a friend to do the same activity and share the excitement with..i so want my c-11 right now~!! i would drag them to accompany me to do horse riding if they are with me..

i was im-ming with fana just now and she reminded me to book the accommodation, bus ticket and tell jonathan that we are going to rotorua this easter break to be sure that there will be no clashes of plan..thank you fana..do you know that it’s hard to do things without a more experienced person you could easily refer to..?har~how i wish you’re here..

and..hu~i was craving of briyani from mughlai..and ice cream too..with crunchy wafer cone..and may be some chocolate syrup on it..yummy..hu~