tag from sheikh..xpe..byk ms free..

5 brand that you like the most

for contact lense-freshkon (untinted)
for camera-nikon
for tomato sauce-heinz
for ice cream-haagen dazs
for car-audi

5 brand that you dislike the most

5 countries that you want to go the most

-5 countries that you do not want to go the most

5 item that you like the most


5 item that you dislike the most

5 people that you love the most
-laurie bauer..?haha..may be not..

5 people that you hate the most

5 color that you like the most?
-light brown
-light blue

5 color that you dislike the most?

5 things that you dream the most
-ade kat msia jln2 lepak2 mkn2
-esaimen dh siap and dpt A

5 things that you not dream at all

5 of your positive character

5 of your negative character

5 moments that you miss the most
-high school years
-preparatory years
-school holidays

5 moments that you do not want to remember at all?

5 positive characters of your best buddy
-stupid sometimes.. 😉

5 negative characters of your best buddy

5 things that you happy to do the most (Of your entire life)
-foye2..and xstudy..jln2..mkn2..

5 things that you regret the most
-not studying for spm
-taking ENG 114 in my first year

Single question

Favorite animal?


Favourite quote?
-couldn’t think of any..perhaps i don’t have any..

Favorite actor?
-hugh jackman

Favorite actress?
-scarlett johanson? not bad..

Favorite things that you do when you are alone?

-go out

Favorite website?
-new zealand weather today

Favorite moment?
-cooking..?may be..

Favorite sport?

Favorite vegetable?

Favorite movie?
-several: from wild hogs-to transformer-to harry potter-to x-men-to fast and furious etc..

Tag this to 10 person..

i will find some..next time..

change of plan..

it was until last sunday that i dreamed of going for a horse ride in rotorua..a chat with my aunt had changed all the plans..now the plan is, i have to go back to malaysia and spend my easter holiday there..yay~!!! my aunt has generously sponsored my ticket to malaysia and now i’m looking forward to feel the sunshine and the heat..

of course there’s a price that i have to pay for the extra special holiday..i have to bring back with me two assignments..one linguistics and one TEAP..TEAP is a twenty-five hundred literature review essay assignment, and as for LING, the usual structured questions worth 15% of the overall grade..(and i have 1 report-like literature review of 2500 words waiting to be completed and submitted with me now)..yes..and why am i still blogging..?

it’s only one month now and i’ve already felt quite tired for being a 2nd year student..there are more assignments now and the longer the essays need to be..and days are getting shorter..it’s only 2 p.m when i usually finish classes but it feels like it’s already 5 p.m..i don’t know but i think i get affected psychologically..it always feels like “owh, i’m not going to do much today, it’s already late”..

so i hope i can recover and gain my enthusiasm this easter break..!! 🙂