tag from sheikh..xpe..byk ms free..

5 brand that you like the most

for contact lense-freshkon (untinted)
for camera-nikon
for tomato sauce-heinz
for ice cream-haagen dazs
for car-audi

5 brand that you dislike the most

5 countries that you want to go the most

-5 countries that you do not want to go the most

5 item that you like the most


5 item that you dislike the most

5 people that you love the most
-laurie bauer..?haha..may be not..

5 people that you hate the most

5 color that you like the most?
-light brown
-light blue

5 color that you dislike the most?

5 things that you dream the most
-ade kat msia jln2 lepak2 mkn2
-esaimen dh siap and dpt A

5 things that you not dream at all

5 of your positive character

5 of your negative character

5 moments that you miss the most
-high school years
-preparatory years
-school holidays

5 moments that you do not want to remember at all?

5 positive characters of your best buddy
-stupid sometimes.. 😉

5 negative characters of your best buddy

5 things that you happy to do the most (Of your entire life)
-foye2..and xstudy..jln2..mkn2..

5 things that you regret the most
-not studying for spm
-taking ENG 114 in my first year

Single question

Favorite animal?


Favourite quote?
-couldn’t think of any..perhaps i don’t have any..

Favorite actor?
-hugh jackman

Favorite actress?
-scarlett johanson? not bad..

Favorite things that you do when you are alone?

-go out

Favorite website?
-new zealand weather today

Favorite moment?
-cooking..?may be..

Favorite sport?

Favorite vegetable?

Favorite movie?
-several: from wild hogs-to transformer-to harry potter-to x-men-to fast and furious etc..

Tag this to 10 person..

i will find some..next time..

11 thoughts on “tag from sheikh..xpe..byk ms free..

    1. ape kate ko copy and paste..ko jwb tag tu kt comment slot aku ni..bleh..?ko pn bleh pass2 kalo ko nk..

        1. of all the words..knp cool..?it should be freezing for argument’s sake..mer..ble nk update blog..?

          1. ha.. cuz i want to be cool.. so i say cool.. and if you dont wanna be cool.. you say something else.. hahaha.

            nnti2.. skarang mcm xde mood sngt la.. mintak maap.

      1. ko je kot..aku xnk~~~and ariff..em..sbb die tpakse..ble pk blk..knp la mamat gundam ni xnk bt ausmat..nk sgt fly..amek ko dok russia tu..

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