what i did in my free time..?

owh yeah~ now i get to catch up some rest that i’ve been abandoning lately..i’ve submitted my linguistics and language teaching assignments..yay~!!! it wasn’t easy completing the language teaching assignments because i might say i was quite informed on what i should be including in my essay but due to lazyness and eagerness for holiday, i didn’t complete it as to how it should be..and i’m so ready (because i have to) to accept what ever result i might be getting..but i really pray for sympathy from God to at least give me a B..B- is bad enough for me to get..the coordinator might call me to talk about that B- if i somehow get it..touch wood..har~and about linguistics..i’ll be getting the result tomorrow..hopefully i can maintain my B+..linguistics is very technical and it’s really freaking me out..you have to be very particular with the answers and even the referencing part to get an A..and based from my experience, you get an A when you’re lucky enough..and being so hardworking refering to 10 reference books, seeing the tutor everyday for tips to answer the questions and stay up all week long to analyse the questions wouldn’t be sufficient to make you lucky enough..huhu..sounds exaggerating huh..?yuh..i think so too..haha..please, help me pray for my good results..

ok now i’ve lost my words..what should i be talking again..?

owh, about being free now..i’ve watched twilight for 5 times now..call me crazy but that’s just what i’ve done..i don’t know why i’ve been so into that movie eventhough i deny mr pattinson’s good look at the first place..i’m quite sure that the movie wasn’t very well presented..i saw flaws in the script, screen play and even the acting..even mr pattinson wasn’t as strong and masculine as i would’ve imagined..so why i’ve been so drawn into this film..?after the 5th time of watching the movie i then realised..i was amazed by his superpower!!! i mean..for real..who would resist a boyfriend with superpower..?haha..

yes..call me childish..i don’t care..and yes..i’m a fan of x-men, heroes, batman, spiderman, transformers..you name it..

and another x factor in that film was that, owh gosh..how do i put this into words..English is not my first language so you can tell that i’m struggling to make up the sentence just to get the meaning cross now..so if native speakers judge me with what i’m going to mean, they’ll forgive me..haha..

the xfactor was the way edward express himself or rather his feelings toward bella..it wasn’t as crystal clear but viewers understand his feelings..well it got crystal clear but the way he expressed it was somewhat fail to satisfy the insatiable hunger for ‘typical’ love story..but that was what made it so irresistable..that was ironic..hu~

i read an entry about a review of the same film from a blog by a friend of mine and i ended up into this site which i couldn’t remember its title..but it was a blog too i guess..the title of that particular entry was ’10 things twilight thought about girls to guys’ (i hope i got the title right)..haha..trust me it was so funny..the facts were all made up and being overgeneralised at some points..the sole reasons why girls love edward are simply because of his look and his superpowerness..=) gee~~~

ok i need to write a new entry..this is getting way too long from what i’ve expected..


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