hari gembira~~~ :)

i’m in malaysia yay~!! i’ve arrived safely alhamdulillah on the 13th at 2130..my dear cousins and aunty and grandma fetched me up that night..we headed straight to RNR seremban because everybody was hungry..and to my surprise i met my former physics teacher, mr halim..huhu..he went to kuala kangsar that day to send his son to MCKK..

i didn’t wait long to go out with dear friends..i got a call from begum the next day and we planned to hang out on tuesday..so we got acheng to join us and she brought sam to join us..

owh, begum and i accompanied her kak long and her baby to hospital pantai for medical check up before going out..the baby’s name is queen people..queen and it’s for real..so begum and i have been thinking the sorts of name that queen’s friends will associate her name with when she goes to primary school..queen control, king and queen and etcetera..but at the end of the conversation, begum called the baby sharifah to avoid using ‘queen’ but she then realised..’isk..tua ny name ko’..we paused..menyedari hakikat the baby was too young for that name..suddenly i realised..’begum, acheng sharifah la’..hahaha..then only we noticed that we have a friend who has a name that sounds old..gee~~~cheng sorry..angelpray

before we send kak long back to home, we stopped by to buy lunch for kak long since she hadn’t take her lunch yet..there was a rojak stall nearby and i bought a lot of rojak for us..begum said the rojak smelt so menggoda so we decided to eat first before going out..and yes..the rojak was so delicious..makcik~!!we love your rojak kentang..give us more next time yeh~!! hehe..acheng was so angry because she had been waiting for us for ages to arrive..but it’s ok cheng..you’ve got to eat at ur nenek’s house..hehe..

eventually we went out..and we ate at sibaraku..seriously i was so craving for sushi..and the sushi were delicious too~~!!!we enjoyed our lunch so much..and congratulations to begum for being brave enough to try ‘malak’..haha..sam arrived and we had a long talk..about acheng’s shiro that boils me, begum’s post break up story with that bloody fir..and reminiscing begum’s scandal with sam when we were in form 3~!!!haha..happydance1

after enough green tea and sushi, we went for bowling..ok i don’t want to tell about this because yes..i lost..and congrats to acheng because suddenly si kaki tak bersukan lgsg menjadi sgt terer..and sam..thank you kerana strike ko membantu membanyakkan jumlah pin aku yg berjaya jatuh..uwaaaa~!!!

har~pictures cannot be uploaded here for security reasons..gee~~