autumn has just started..

i’m back in wellington..=) as expected, days are getting shorter as maghrib prayer has now becomes so early..i arrived around 5.30 pm the other day and when i got outside the airport, the sun has already set underneath the sky..the weather was pretty gloomy..

i still have the energy from malaysia when i arrived the other day..i was happy eventhough i know i have two assignments to be submitted..i really hope i could maintain the energy but the environment was so unsupportive..but anyway, i went through it and i managed to finish my linguistics this point, i just couldn’t care less about the marks that i’ll be getting albeit knowing i’ll be sad if the marks is low when i get back the assignment..but anyway..i’m done with

i have another assignment to be submitted this thursday but i’m quite relax with it because i think it should be easier since i’ve already read some necessary readings..but i’m not going to start tonight because i need to compensate my sleep because i’ve been having problems with my sleep lately, and i might need to adjust it..

what happened was, i got sleepy as early as around 9.00pm but i can’t sleep by that time because i have works to, 9 was still too early for me to sleep..even an 8 year old kid sleeps at 10.00pm..but when i’m done with my works, i didn’t feel sleepy anymore and even if i try to sleep, i just sleep has now become hard for me..huhu..

em, i’ve submitted the assignment this afternoon and i went out for lunch with wawa at satay kajang..i think i need that outing because i need to unwind..the weather was gloomy and the shower just couldn’t stop pouring from last night..almost everybody in town wore dark was only 4.00pm but the town has looked like 7 in the evening..but we were happy strolling around town browsing for clothes, shoes, make ups and just anything that attracted us.. 🙂 wawa went back with a handful of shopping bags..haha..don’t worry wa, shopping is always a teraphy for girls..and, i love the weather this couple of days because eventhough it was wet all around, but the temperature was mild and friendly..hihi..just another reason for escapism..

p/s: wa tan mee at satay kajang did not fill up my expectation..xsdap~~~wuwu..


9 thoughts on “autumn has just started..

    1. kalo berpeluh sbb bsukan xpe berpeluh sbb nk g bli mkanan..bell eksesais~!!!

    1. uwaaa~!!!aku dikerah keje tampe gaji..mane acheng~!!!ko kne banje aku hitea kt city bayview nnti..aku claim~!!!!

    1. ye bi..ptolongan anda amat diperlukan..sile la handle mak cik2 tu..derg asek tanye soklan grammar k..ok2..xpon collect duet gaji u2 dr derg..ehem2..pastu u2 claim..jgn buat harte~~

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