aha..it’s weekends..

one thing about being a student, i can write about my assignments all year round without thinking hard for a new entry title..sounds boring but that’s the price that i have to pay for wanting cheaper flight tickets from STA travel and cheaper movie tickets from reading cinema..owh, and cheaper food prices from cinta restaurant..

i’ve been busy with assignments last week and will be busy again starting this week but hell no i’m not going to burn my weekend to prepare to get busy..weekend should sound like weekend where i can do the activities that i want without having to worry about deadlines..so what have i done this weekend..?

my housemate came into my room the other night crying so hard that made me freaked out thinking of something bad might have happened to her or her family..but i was so wrong when she was actually very sad after watching a korean movie..the story sounded so touching as she described..so i decided that i wanted to watch the movie too, because i love to watch movies that is so realistic and sad that is so possible to happen to anyone else..

so that night, i called another housemate to join me to watch the movie and all of us eventually watched the movie in my room..the title of the story is ‘a moment to remember’..i don’t want to make a movie review here but all that i can say is, eventhough korean movies are slowly paced, the message is successfully conveyed in this particular story..i was so ammused on how practical and realistic the hero is in the story and how realistic is the tragedy and har~i wish i can have that type of husband too~~~i might say he is not as good looking but his height made me close one eye..haha..eskiusme bi~~movie review je..hoho..

but anyway, i really love that story..you should try to watch it..i made amir fikrie watched the movie and he agreed with me that the story was a good story..and the story has actually proved his memory theory..congrats amer~~~

owh, my housemates and a few more friend celebrated my birthday that saturday night..we had nasi lemak, bubur caca with banana..a cake baked for me *wink2* hoho..ayam sambal, bread pudding made by ika, chocolate cookies made by zaty, kuih cara made by jo..har~we had so much fun and food that night..thank you girls for all those..i really2 appreciate it..and we squeezed seven of us in my bedroom that night..guess we all have lose some weight that made us all fit into one room..haha..

that’s all for this time..i’m quite tired coming from groceries shopping with sha just now..i want to catch some rest..=)


2 thoughts on “aha..it’s weekends..

  1. haha..crying spree..icic..so d moment-2-rmmber 4 dz episode stil part mkn2..haha

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