i’m looking for logan..

i’ve watched wolverine~!!! yay~! it was so unplanned.. i went out with wawa but i so couldn’t remember why we went out at the first place..but i do remember we ate sushi before that..owh ok..i remember now..i accompanied wawa, zaty and sarah to pipitea campus for site visit..ehem..who says future teachers cannot use terms only architects or engineers use..haha..they were planning to put up an event for vic muslims so they need a big indoor space for that event, so they went and check out the place..sarah and zaty decided to go home after that but we decided to check out the sales in warehouse 🙂

we dropped by nida’s house for awhile because wawa needed to pray and accidentally, nida decided to tag along with us..so we went to the warehouse together..but the sales were not as big and ‘selling’ as we expected it to be..we ended up buying things we didn’t plan..i wasn’t feeling well few days back so i ended up buying another bottle of water..and some rocher.. 🙂 unfortunately, nida didn’t get her futsal shoes either..as for wawa, the bedsheets were way expensive from what she used to get..on our way back, em..that’s how the story begun..

it was so tempting for me to watch any movie when we passed by the reading cinema..since wawa said alright, we purchased the ticket and went back to nida’s house for maghrib prayer, and some drama of our own took place but i managed to be in the cinema on time but not for wawa..but at least she got a new company..ainon mate tagged with her and i was able to tell her the parts she missed..

anyway, about the movie, man~~~i was soooo into superheroes and superpowers..i wasn’t impressed with the trailer as the casts appeared to be unknown and not so handsome and mr jackman looked quite ageing..but all those impressions were blown away as early as the movie started..the introduction of the characters were effective, the superpowers were..em..how do i describe it..amazing..yes, that’s the word..amazing..

the plot of the story was easily comprehended..hugh jackman was a real superhero..and i love the fact that there will be a sequel for this movie~~~yay!! at least there are things that can entertain me here..huhu..how pathetic wellington can be..i love the battle part, the intro part, the escaping part..uh~~~i love everything about this movie..i found some flaws anyway but i just can’t afford to highlight the flaws..they were so mini for me..my suggestion, go watch the movie and enjoy the fantasy being given.. 🙂

owh, i played futsal yesterday and we won the third place.. 🙂 i was in shafiq’s group and initially i was terrified because pae made it into our group at a very last minute..dely and me were sharing this feeling the night before the game and we prayed so we won’t spoil the game so we won’t get scolded..huhu..the game was fun..a lot of people showed up and of course i took a lot of pictures of not only me..haha..i enjoyed it~!!!

but i have to finish another linguistics assignment now~~~i flunk the previous assignment and i can’t afford to flunk more..God help me~~~hu~

p/s: can wolverine or gambit or that diamond skin lady, or wade or any of those xmen help me with my assignments..?they should make their superpower more useful by helping people like me~!!!

p/s/s: to a quiet friend..you don’t have to keep your problems to yourself..you need to trust your friend..


8 thoughts on “i’m looking for logan..

  1. hoi.
    petronas offering me a seat for petro engine in australia.
    foundation kat sunway.
    hesitating still.
    tak tau nak choose mara or this one.

    1. kalo aku jd ko aku x hesitate lg..aku rs ko mmg xde muke nk jd dokte..kalo g OZ ko kne bt prep AUSMAT..ausmat ni xde la snang (in fact mn ade prep yg snang) tp aku rs, based on ape yg ko mmpu, ko snang2 kot bleh lpas..lg pn bnde ni die kire cumulatively jugak, so ade higher chances of passing..bdk petronas slalu dpt umah petronas yg byr..ktorg kne byr sndri pkai duet yg mara ksk..so kalo umah best, mhl sket, mmg xmmpu..tp bdk2 pet mmpu sbb petronas byr siap2..prep kt sunway is better drp prep kt KMB..ko nk tunggu ape..?g je..em..tp kalo foundation, ko xpyh amek ape2 exam kot..ko bleh tros g xsilap aku..bt prep bhs je kot..weh ko gle kalo ko tolak bnda ni~!!!

      1. faoundation tak yah exam.?
        die kate saye kene wat A Level.
        saye takde muke doctor ke.?
        sedey r camnih.

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