our movie night..

i stayed up until near 3 a.m last night just to make sure i can wake up late this morning and so i can rearrange my messy room because of ‘busyness’ all these while..we’ve been struggling with two, and some of us three assignments to be submitted today and tomorrow..i’ve been quite unstable lately and now i need to recover so i won’t affect my group members for the next assignment..and it starts now.. 🙂

i’ve been cleaning my room, rearranging my files and books, and ready to print my assignments at school in a while..i’m currently listening to my favorite radio station in Malaysia while writing this entry, and singing along the songs i hear..it’s cold but there’s sunshine too light the short days but that’s good enough for me to wake up unanxiously..i bet that some of my friends are rushingly finishing their assignments so they can find time to relax and calm down before the next assignments and test and exam..good luck girls..we can do it~!

::the next day..after submitting both assignments and went to watch night at the museum 2::

i felt so relieved, and finally felt the air that i breathe wasn’t so clean which i couldn’t notice that when my head was  so clogged with only assignments..nah~that’s just too bizzare of an analogy for you to make sense..haha..ok..cut this off..

night at the museum last night was fun..but i could not say it was hilarious because it was not as hilarious..it stopped at funny..a hilarious movie i’ve ever watched so far was wildhogs..but, to compare a technology driven movie (NATM2) with a more to life movie (WH), just would not make the cut..but it was entertaining..i enjoyed it! and i was impressed with the achievement of this movie..it has succefully beat the terminator sequel in north america i guess (at least based on its 1st week performance)..

and as for today, i woke up effortlessly, took my own sweet time to enjoy the warm shower, prayed, and get dressed to go to school..the weather was not so beautiful so the thought was-i have to make it beautiful..so i listened to my playlists, and had breakfast with che..at least, i’ve managed to start the day beautifully.. 🙂

owh, k.long mentioned that i’ve never uploaded our pictures that i snapped using my phone everytime we went out and whenever i forgot to bring my camera..so here they are k.long..haha..

k.long and her ever famous sushi..yes..sushi ku juge..while waiting for the movie..mkn2 and lepak2 time..ktorg x lupe kt u la kak..kuceng bermata kaca2..dan belang2..kuceng gatal~~~p/s: i was so upset after the meeting with jonathan..i so can’t take it when i have to worry about things  that i should not worry about..man..shouldn’t you help us make things easy..?..for us i mean..not only for you..


7 thoughts on “our movie night..

    1. owh tidak..yg mkn sushi lbh bertatasusila..yg x mkn sushi pn ade je yg gatal..ha..cmne..?haha..

    1. kuceng2 jiran..kua ms ade matahari je..ad 5 kuceng2 sbnrny..tp ade 2 eko je aku bjye amek gmba..

  1. Jonat. Hurm. I think he’s getting further away from students each year, especially after he got promoted to a higher position last year . . . or was it the year before? Who cares.

    What he knows (and perhaps cares) about us is only the rigid data recorded on paper. I bet he doesn’t know much about us. Ahaha~

    But he is one nice guy. Just that, I think he WAS a nicer chap.

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