we all speak different english..

i have to start this entry with a conclusion..it’s been a very fast-paced week and whatever happened within this week was harsh enough for me to swallow..ok i’m exaggerating but it was hard..seriously..it started nicely at the beginning where i attended a small fiest held in rumah malaysia and there were a lot of food to snack on..owh..not so nice actually..we had problem with the transportation that day..the bus refused to bring us to khandallah which i couldn’t see any justification for that action..and the buses were not on time too..the event started around 11 am and supposed to finish at 4.00pm but we reached rumah malaysia only 30 minutes to four..how embarassing..i should’ve just gave up earlier like sha that day but i don’t know why i didn’t..

owh, i think i’ve never mentioned about the mice in my house in this blog..oh my gosh~~for heaven’s sake please remove them from my house..yes..them..there’s not only one mouse in the house..it took a lot of work to maintain the cleanliness in my house and we really maintain it but the mice still made their way inside our house..i really need a Tom at house right now..but i wonder if cats nowadays still want to eat mice..owh, we’ve placed a trap inside the cupboard but they just couldn’t be caught..they ate clean all the poison, the cheese and the bread but they were not trapped..how smart and light they could be..the trap even trapped my fingers when i tested it the other day..we found one of their holes in my room! can you imagine that..?!they use my room as their way! i felt so threatened with those creatures! i even had a nightmare about them and i felt sick on the next day..owh come on..you couldn’t get anything from my nicely arranged room! shuh! owh, i put a lot of poison in their hole and when i first checked it, they broke the paper wall we made without getting killed..such a long life they lived..the second time i refilled the poison, they ate the poison as well..i really hope the poison will work on them..and for the time being, i stay in sha’s house..i so couldn’t figure out when i will have the courage to get back to my room..sha thank you for your kindness~~

so it’s last week too that we have to submit our TEAP 232 assignment and it was not easy..i stayed up until 4.00am just to finish the essay and i really hope at least i can get a B+..that was not much..just a B+..

so today i got my result of the previous linguistics test and what i fearthe most has just happened to me..ok i should write ‘had happened’ so the curse wouldn’t repeat itself..and also the result for ALIN 201 assignment..it wasn’t as bad as linguistics but close enough..but anyway, things have happened and i couldn’t turn back time so i accepted it, and the least that i can do now is to work harder for the becoming exam..at least i won’t spoil all the courses..God help me..

and just to add the twist and turn of my stories, i need to cancel ALL my holiday plans with my friends because my aunt insisted for me to come over and spend my holiday to enjoy summer in the eastern europe..i have to cancel my horse riding and sight seeing trip with wawa..i have to cancel my ski trip with my housemates and joe..and i have to cancel my australia trip with my beloved faraha..girls i am really really sorry because it was so hard to disobey the elderly..to faraha, i was so disappointed that i could not make it to melbourne..i know you’ve wonderfully plan our bachelorette-sort-of hang out time and it’s not pleasant for you when i bailed but trust me poms! i planned too..and all my plans went kaput..i sooo look forward to meeting you and i have already booked the ticket with sta travel if you want to know..forgive me for always being the one who bailed! har~

ok so now i have to study for the becoming exam..


16 thoughts on “we all speak different english..

  1. oh ayuzie,
    “sesungguhnya bersama kesulitan ada kemudahan, sesunnguhnya bersama kesulitan ada kemudahan” (Al-Insyirah: 5&6)

    bersabarlah yuya!
    jgn mengeluh (ececeh.. pndai pule ak yg kuat meroyan ni bg nasihat.haha)

    if the mice still refused to get out of the house,
    my door is always open for you
    ak pn bosan duk sorg2
    ade ko bru meriah2 sket idup i uolss
    mkn pn meriah2

    psl ur holiday plans to,
    at least u get the chance to travel to europe
    just grab the chance while u can
    ur only young once
    nnt dh jd cikgu sepilok celah mane ko mampu g europe kn?
    melainkan ko kawen tauke kayu balak

    1. @cik sha: *gulp* ye2 aku akan bersabar~~mari study same2..disamping itu, jgn mroyan2 cik sha..mlm2 kte tgk muvi yg ade jejaka kacak..pastu kte mroyan same2 sbb heroin die buat kte rs obesiti..haha..

  2. yuyu,
    ko soh ak jd cikgu ye

    yuyu, ko salah eja
    “feast” ye syg
    bukan “fiest”
    x wujud perkataan “fiest” tu
    kalu ko tekan calculator die kua math error

    1. ups..haha..jgn la kecek ati cik lely..tp tu la..mmg ptotny it should be our pecutian kn..huhu..slmt begembira men ski cik dely..dgn cek dwe..

  3. stay put.pray lots.hf faith.kp hvn faith.4 sth gud mite turns out at the end of d tunnel. =)

  4. yu, aku da letak da link ko (haha, baru reti camne nak letak link)

    bertabahlah yuyu. aku pun masih mencari cari mud utk blaja.aduhaiii.. ni da lpas mkn aku da ngantuk da.. tak sabarnye nak ari kames mlm kan?? gud luck to all of us. may Allah help us all=)

    1. ha cik sar msk ape..?ye aku juge sgt mnunggu abes ALIN..aku sungguh la blom baja lg ni dok tgk muvi je ngan sha..matilah cmni..haha..

      p/s: good luck juge cik sar..i’Allah..kte bleh mlakukanny..amin..
      p/s/s: cik sar, td mlm ktorg tgk cite another cinderella story yg ko suggest tu..aku amat la depressi bersame cik sha..manekah part yg sweet ny..?and, arghh!!!kami depresi tgk pmpuan tu..reason? dirahsiakan atas sebab2 tertentu..haha..ok2 blaja2..

    1. hey~!!!umah aku adlah umah yg plg xkn kotor..aku bkn cm ko..blk warden bwh asrama tu pn ko mmpu tdo..haha..aku xkn benarkn ko mencemar name aku kt blog neh..ko pehal entry blog ko smacam je cap..?ape cite skoler2 ko..ko amek ape je last2..?

    1. 21hb ni..smpai 8 july..i’Allah..aku g eastern je..jz balik may be aku drop by munich sehari..amir attend aku nnti..

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