the journey-part 1

I’ve had a very tiring journey to reach Beograd and i need to get some rest for now..so yay~! i have time to wite a new entry about my journey..

my journey started from wellington to auckland, auckland to singapore, singapore to frankfurt and finally frankfurt to beograd..i didn’t calculate the exact time of being in the flight but roughly, it was more than 26 hours..with extra 20 hours of stop over and transits..owh, and amir even say “you’re really living on a jetplane” thanks amir..sket pn xmembantu aku menghilangkan kepenatan..

but anyway..the transit in Singapore of almost 5 hours wasn’t feel like a 5 hour-transit..the airport was fantastic..and i’m very grateful that i had the time to explore the airport..i arrived in terminal 3 and as soon as i arrived, i noticed that i needed to get to a different terminal to catch my next flight..since i had the time to browse around, and the effective sky-train that comes every four minutes, and stupidly assumed that the heavenness of shopping arena couldn’t be found in terminal 2, i wasted my time berangan2 mcm org kaye masuk sume2 designers’ boutique..eyeing at the different attires of the flight attendants..tgk2 tmpat mkn..and after one hour baru sedar dh xmandi sehari, xsmyg..then only i took the skytrain and made my way to terminal 2..and i was so excited that the terminal still provide the heaven for shoppers (p/s: tapi sy bkn kaki shopping sperti acheng or dely ye, sy kuat iman lbh sket..haha)..so i checked in at lufthansa, took some nice shower and changed my clothes at the name-sungguh-lounge-org2-kaya” lounge , and i prayed..then sebab excited jumpe watsons, maka tgn ni sungguh gatal beli lip therapy and body creme (tak bazir sbb kulit sungguh kering dok berejam2 dlm flite)..hu~ade secret recepi juge~ la la la..even tak lapar, owh, iman ku senipis kulit bawang when i see the cakes and chicken cornish..how i miss the places where halal food can be found easily..la la la..i really indulged myself to the taste of home (or should i say near home?) and the first thing i realised at that time was, congratulations yuyu you only have 10 minutes before departure and you havent found the gate yet.. 🙂 sambil lari2 sempat plak terkutuk FA mane tah..ade la kain selebar 10 cm tutup sebelah tlinga..haha..whatever..that was just how they were required to dress to work..and that dress have brought them around the world..yot..ko bkn nk jd FA ke..?aku crk tau derg ni airlines mane..ko jgn keje dgn airlines tu..aku xnk ngaku kwn nnti..

hu~i hate lufthansa..i just could not justify why they are so famous..pilot tu mcm dh terlalu hebat bwk flight pn ade smpai ske2 bleh turunkn flight laju2 and org sume panic rs mcm flight nk crash..nauzubillah..service was not up to my expectation..siap bleh tertumpahkan air..they even attended me in deutsch..wasn’t it obvious enough that i wore tudung and my nose was asian enough for them to identify me not as german..hu~xbleh kutuk lebih2..blk nnti naik lufthansa straight smpai auckland..argghhhh~!!! and alhamdulillah, i landed in frankfurt safely..thanx to ms.lim and mr.imtiyaz for picking me up and they guided me around frankfurt for the whole day..i can easily obtain my visa in serbian consulate with their help..thanx to mr.marzuki too for all your effort in communicating with the serbian consulate..i really admired imtiyaz..he’s a local staff, the driver for our consular general in frankfurt..he’s pakistanian but he speaks fluent deutsch..he and ms.lim brought me around frankfurt, showing all the ‘helal’ shops, and tell a lot of stories in fluent english..i really admire people who speaks three different languages fluently..man~how can they do that..owh, when i was in the consulate, i met mr.ruslan, the pegawai mara for students in europe..and i used that opportunity to tell him that i think budak2 mara perlukan lebih byk elaun sbb rent kt weli tu sungguh tinggi and naik every year..eventhough die x jaga student mara kt wely, but i already pastered him to bgtau pn nora or dato’ nam or puan ayuslina..whoever..they need to help us..and he said, bdk2 kt russia pn experience bnda yg same..ariff and amir..cpat thanx kt aku sbb pakcik ruslan tu jage students mara 1 europe ok..dgn spain2 skali die jage..tp amer jpa ke..?lala..sorry la..aku jmpe je kak siti smlm..tp xkn nk ckp kt die soh bg naik elaun jpa jugak..?haha..and by 6 or 7 yesterday, ms.lim and imtiyaz sent me to the airport..thanx imtiyaz..the airport in frankfurt was so unfriendly for the users..but anyway, german doesn’t sound weird when they speak english..unlike the other non native speakers like us, russian, chinese, indian, ukranean etc..we have the weird accent but the geman didn’t..may be i could not identify the differences yet but as for what i’ve heard, they sound more or less like the native speakers of english..

and i arrived in beograd..i went around town with car just now..and i immediately dislike this country..post-war country with destructed buildings, very old buildings, very orthodox christian, very mixed origins..this country was one of the ottoman territory so they were characterised by features of people from turkey, italy (mafia..hu~freaky)..and they have this mediterranen culture too..from their buildings and layout of the town and their fashion..my uncle can speak the language~! how freaky..when the maid came to house this morning, she was terrified to find me opening the door..and luckily my uncle was in and explained to her i’m not going to take her place as the maid..huhu..how sengal la you uncle..my uncle is indonesian, so he speaks indonesian and malay, plus: french, tagalog ad recently this language..and he’s only a cook..i don’t know what language people speak here but the language is applicable in bosnia, yugoslavia and a few more countries..i can’t even distinguish this language with the language of slovak and german..they sound similar to me..whatever~i felt stupid now because i can only speak english where people just couldn’t be bothered to understand that language here..

i’m collecting the pictures to be uploaded and since there are not many of them now, you’ll have to wait.. 🙂 wow..it’s long huh..anyway..good luck to those who are still struggling to take exams.. you can do it..owh, i think one picture can do la here..hehe..

with ms.lim..pakcik german yg xde seni amek gamba..FAIL~
with ms.lim..pakcik german yg xde seni amek gamba..FAIL~
the square..amir ape name tmpat ni..?owh, jgn risau cik sha..aku dh blikn poskad..
the square..amir ape name tmpat ni..?owh, jgn risau cik sha..aku dh blikn poskad..

9 thoughts on “the journey-part 1

    1. haha..ko sunguh buta seni..come on la..nmpak sgt ok pakcik german tu amek gmba xde motif..gmba kosong yg aku amek tu ade motif..*konon2 pro* la la..

    1. aku ajak ko ko tgh intern wahai pmpuan gle~~~ujung thn ni pny plan pn ko dh siap2 bg alasan..dh ah begem aku majok dgn ko~! *huh!*

  1. nama tmpat tu der römer.. kalau x silap lah. peh ramai nye orng yg ko jumpe. aku duduk sini dah stahun stengah pun belum jumpa orng2 tu lg. tulis surat mintak duit claim je kt kak siti tu. hehe pdahal kalau ada mjlis apa2 bknnye nk pgi pun. tp bgs la ko siap ada driver bwk jalan…cet..

    1. mcm mn eh nk sbot huruf O ade titik tu eh..?aku ske la mall die..very user friendly je aku rs..xde kete bleh lalu..mmg utk pedestrian je..kalo aku ad byk ms..sure aku lepak lg lame kt tmpat tu..tp aku rs, tmpat2 cmtu sminggu dh bleh katam..pastu dh boring blk..nk blk msia jugak..haha..

  2. english is not superior here in russia. but then again i don’t really like russian language.

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