the journey-part 2

to sha, sorry i’ve broken our promise! hu~i just could not hold any longer as the temptations were all over me..i lose control over myself and i surrendered to transforners 2..but don’t worry sha..i made a promise and i’m still going to keep it..yes i will watch it again with you..

my uncle is still waiting for his visa to visit europe so that’s why i am still in belgrade..uncle is going to get his visa by tomorrow so we’ll start our vacation latest by wednesday..boredom strike so that’s what made uncle said “i think we can catch up some good movies at the cinema” and of course he suggested transformers 2 and he got my immediate approval of “yes3! let’s go for it!”..well aunty practically couldn’t have any other options eventhough she prefered ice age 3..therefore the majority won~!

ok so we went to the cinema and when we were in the cinema, the movie hasn’t started yet..so i decided to go buy some popcorn and nacho chips..i was stupid enough because i chose to stand patiently in the line while knowing that i wouldn’t even get any near to the middle of the line when the movie started and i waited until i purchased the snacks and yes..i missed the intro~!!!argggghhhh~~~so that’s why sha..i WILL watch it again..

but anyway..i didn’t really understand the scripts..i was so distracted by the subtitle in serbian language and was busy trying to make sense of their language~!!! come on yuyu you can never make sense of the language..!!!i even think that i heard the robots spoke serbian~!!!argghhhhh~~~!!!

but seriously micheal bay has impressed me again..congratulations..i love the twins..i love it when they combined when optimus hasn’t fully recovered..i love that little newly recruited decepticon who eventuallay changed side..haha..and megan..i can close one of my eyes but please don’t make anymore romantic appearances..i love the theme songs i love the battle..the technology..har~!!!absolutely everything about this movie and the energy is still running in my veins..

p/s: i like the part when sam suddenly lost control over himself and spoke breathlessly and wrote everything on the blackboard and got confused with what was happening around him and rushingly run to his room to write everything down..haha..it was so realistic..men couldn’t always be calm and heroic forever..they are human beings too~~!!haha..but he was heroic anyway..when optimus was dead and CIA was chasing after him and Leo lost control and wanted to hand him to the CIA..he..har~come on you know what i mean..he was so ready to face whatever he might be facing..

p/s/s: har~but sorry mr.bay..i think that dreaming or illusioning part near the end could’ve been made with something better other than dreams..come on..but i know you were rushing with deadlines so again..i close one eye..


8 thoughts on “the journey-part 2

  1. so at d end of d stori..u cloz both of ur eyes..duh~typical u..kt mane2 pon sure tdo.. =)

    1. if you look for flaw then that’s wut u’ll see..but if u take it as it is..the movie is entertaining enough =)

  2. yuyu!!!!
    cis ko!!!
    ak berpegang pada jnji hokayyy
    ain patieha ajak ak tgk pon ak x ikut!!
    x kire!!!
    balik cni tgk balik!!!

    1. ye2 baek cik sha~~aku harus juga tgk lg skali..aku amat bengang ngan subtitle bhs serbia tu..

  3. hoho…
    anda telah paku saya…
    i’ll watch it then…
    owh kakak…
    check out what i’ve been stalking dekat my blog…
    latest entry…

  4. yuyu bestnyeee anda pergi bjalan2.. ckp ngn makcik ko, aku nak jd anak angkat die. nnt bleh support aku lak g sane. hehe kidding.. :p
    amboiii kemain lg nak extend2 cuti ye. hehe.. take care.miss u cik yuyeng! 😉

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