there are quite a few things happening around me and they involve me in some ways..everybody involved is affected mentally and emotionally..however, since things have happened i can only amend things that will happen in the future and i have to be ready to make a few new decisions and reconsider a few plans..and at the end still believe that people plans, He decides..so i will plan something that can be the best for me and the people around me, but everyone must also be aware that we cannot satisfy or accommodate everyone’s need..

God willing, if we are patient and tolerant enough, He will help us in seeing what is the best for us..and the best plan remains His plans..


4 thoughts on “reconfiguration..

  1. saba yu..
    that’s why we always need Plan B in case anything goes wrong.
    there’s still time to for you to think and re-plan.

    ayat cliche: tabahlah yu, anggaplah ni semua ujian. ade hikmahnya semua ni.

    indeed, He knows best 😉

    1. thanx cik sha..ye..berkat sabar..He guides me to see the path that i can choose to solve all the problems..alhamdulillah..

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