when cultures clash..

it’s been quite a rough weeks for me this past couple of weeks..and i’ve been trying to keep myself busy and entertained so i could escape from thinking about the problems..but seemed to me it won’t change anything unless i do something to change it and i’m ready for that now..and the way i see it, some people need more time to figure something out, but that does not necessarily means they are running away from the problems..they take more time to think for the best solution and to consider all the possible options that are available for them choose from..

enough with the philosophy part..time to get real now and see real things happening around..

i was in my linguistics class yesterday trying to concentrate on the input that my lecturer was trying to convey..in between lectures, he made us discuss to find the anwers for the question he asked in the book..my deskmate is sam but he cannot come to every wednesday lectures because he has a clashing tutorial that is compulsory so i partnered with james (is there such a word? partnered?)..he sat next to my desk..he’s a german i supposed..the question was: “How do -s and -en differ in productivity within each of these (Dutch and English) languages and in contrast between them?” By looking at the question, it’s quite clear that we have to identify the differences in productivity of the data that was given to us..something like “owh, Dutch uses more -en and English uses more -s” something as simple as that..but what happened was, he went on and on about the origin of English that rooted from German which he termed as the MOTHER of all european languages and they uses more -en because some words are borrowed from German and the pattern stays with history bla bla bla bla and bla..he even got the fact twisted and didn’t even answer the question and most importantly, he confused me..thank you james..

so today was a different story..i went to linguistics class again this morning and i was so grateful that sam was there..he even came early to class today and we discussed about what he missed yesterday..it’s quite hard for me to teach linguistics to someone whose first language is English but thankfully enough that’s also their advantage as they can easily understand what was being taught..so there’s a discussion again in the class but this time around, we were given a dictionary to identify whether some words that end with -ery are inflection or derivation..we have to team up with james’ group; one is English, and the other one is unknown because of his unidentified accent and awfully weird, dark image..may be he’s also a German like james because suddenly the lecturer came to us and suggested for us to look for this book about Germaphology in the library..ok..so sam and i was so busy looking at the dictionary for some weird words such us fakery, hoggery, rookery to see whether they are inflectional morphology or derivational..but these three people they went on and on about the root of each of the words that were listed to determine whether they are derivational or inflectional..and in the end, it’s just me and james who used the dictionary..

we also learned about something called hypocoristics-something that young children use when they begin to acquire a language..something like William is called Bill, Margarette is called Meggi or Jacob is called Jake..then James went on to give examples like what is James in German, in Irish, in French bla bla bla..well i see what he was trying to convey as new knowledge for me but even Laurie got irritated..come on james..you’re not the only German there..

i walked out with sam when class has finished..i was heading to the library and sam was heading to the cafe and along the way, i was so surprised that sam was assing about james..he was so irritated with his cocky behaviour..sam can speak spanish so i said to him he should show off sometime but he said he wouldn’t because it makes no different between him and james then..i got his point there..he impressed me for that..haha..

so the conclusion is, that was what happened when cultures clash..the german will remain the proud german..the asian will remain the passive minor (that’s me)..the kiwi will remain the shy kiwi but can be bitter at some point..i don’t know..but that’s just how i see it..

and owh, a different story now..if given a situation where you were caught in the middle of a mess and knowing that there’s someone that you can turn to but you can’t because a condition was given to you that you were not permitted to turn to him/her..just how big the misery could grow and imagine how painful the situation could be given that you were already in a deep mess..well, human is beautiful with their courtessy and can be more beautiful if they can be tolerant..things like these make our lives more meaningful and at least, some burden can be eased..if you cannot come to them they will come to you because they are the ones who are in the ‘in need’ situation..it’s so sad when such a small favour cannot be made..well it’s better if you can come to them at their rough times but beggars can’t be choosers right..?they are our friends..and a friend in need is a friend indeed..right..?


4 thoughts on “when cultures clash..

  1. Cultures do clash and i’ve been agonizing over this for the last 1.5 years. Ur assessment of the German is actually quite reflective of the larger portion of the Germanic population wherever they are. Thy’re seen as more direct, seemingly unashamed of flattery, and rather egoistic from our point of view. But what are we to them. To me a good way to deal with these differences is by means of sweeping it all under the cultural relativism carpet. Mereka lain sbb dtng dari latarbelakng lain. Jadi biarlah mereka dengn cara mereka. Ikut pngalaman aku diorng sebnrnya slalunya x berniat pun nk jadi offensive pd kita.

    1. yes amir..how i wish James tu xberniat..u know better kn sbb ko duduk kt tmpat derg..bt seriously mule2 aku suke je james tu..haha..die keeper handball team victoria..ktorg training sme2 die ok je..bleh plak tu die ingt name aku..huh..ble aku tau prangai sbnr die..turn off ok..amir slmt blk msia..jgn lupe mak cik rojak.. 🙂

  2. Ouww, that’s pretty annoying. therefore, i would like to make generalization over James. Everybody named James is a freak! [except for james morrison 😛 ] I have a friend, obviously he’s a JAMES too, and he’s a total jerk. He fucked everything up. So say no to James OK. I wish I may not be perceived as a racist for that matter. Huhu. but Yuyu, I think even malay pun ada jgk yg cocky camtu. no offense ye fellow malay. this is jz my opinion thru experience and observation 🙂

    1. haha..that’s too broad of a generalisation k.syahirah..ksian je kt James yg baik2..haha..bt thank you for dropping by though..
      p/s: i should try to listen to james morrison..

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