it’s ramadhan again and this is my second ramadhan in wellington..i know it wouldn’t be as cheerful and joyful and ‘lively’ like last year but i’ll just try to make the best out of it..

a lot of things have happened since i last wrote in this blog..i was thinking of uploading the pictures from costume night but i hadn’t even gone to see wawa or dely to collect the pictures..i didn’t have the pictures because i didn’t use my camera that night..

there was another event after that talent and costume night, which was a multicultural festival held at the townhall..we practiced for nearly two months and the make up process took hours..but we performed for only 5 minutes or so..and sadly, there were only 3 or 4 lines of audience when we performed as our performance was brought forward by 10 or 15 minutes ahead of schedule..we tried to negotiate for another performance straight after joget since a lot of our friends didn’t get to see us, but we failed..yes it was frustrating..and it felt like all the practices were not worth anything and looked pointless at some point..but i took a few pictures..but i didn’t have pictures with zapin costumes..

just a day after the performance, my fellow TESOL friends and i have to start our teaching experience and trust me, i really don’t look forward for that because i don’t want to waste the spring break~!!! i have two assignments to be submitted after the break and after a few days of teaching experience, i just could not think of any suitable time to sit and do the assignments because har~working is so physically challenging..! i don’t know why i am this weak but owh, i was not alone..haha..everybody complaints..

i do my T.E in lower hutt together with 5 friends and i was assigned a bilingual class and all the students in my class are maori..i was so nervous when my associate teacher told me it is a bilingual class..i was so panicked that i learned a few maori words there and then..i was imagining i’ll end up learning te reo maori rather than teaching english..but i was proven wrong in the second i stepped in that classroom..no..not classroom..the marae..yes..i had to hongi all the students..sure badi hongi dgn Dan dlu mlekat..adoi..i think i’ll make a complete journal about my T.E later..not in this entry..but anyway, i have a few pictures..of the students πŸ™‚

hu~gmba baju timang burung..baju zapin xde..k.long, kte xde gmba baju zapin..kalo k.long ade nnti upload k..

from right: teare, benjy, lah and..em..i can't remember..
from right: teare, benjy, lah and..em..i can't remember..

enough for tonight.. πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “procrastination..

  1. awww. i miss ramadhan in mckenzies too 😦
    neway, whatever bitchy things happen to u, be strong . gelabah tu xpe, yg penting istiqamah. hahahahah

    1. sbnrny glabah tu yg pntg..kalo x, xt’jge nk bgn pagi2 g skolah..neway thanx fana~!!

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