1st week journal..

1st day at school.

School will be open at 8.50am but we arrived around 7.40am..ok I’m exaggerating..we arrived early that morning because we needed to attend the staff meeting at 8.15 am..we were first, being introduced to all of the teachers in that school..we were greeted by the principal when we arrived and they invited us to help ourselves for morning tea..hu~penat jugak la nk explain kami ni tgh berpuasa di bulan ramadhan sbnrny ckgu..so xpe la, time kasih byk2..after getting introduced to all of the staffs, we were briefed about the school activities for this week..and as my associate teacher had emailed me before, the school was expecting a busy time this week..they planned to put up a pet day on Wednesday, science fair on Thursday, career and daffodil day on Friday..and as for me, my associate teacher had planned to welcome me on a marae that Monday, and the next day, she needed to be away from school to bring the school’s netball team to the competition..

Before I got to get in the marae, I was asked to wait in the staff room so my associate teacher can get the students ready in the marae..while waiting in the staff room, I was approached by the library worker and a woodcraft teacher..we shared stories of their history..they were just so excited seeing new people around and they just wanted to get to talking so I entertained them..they were warm and so welcoming..

Then I was brought into the marae..two of the students welcomed us in and they greeted and sang a song for us..owh, yes..we needed to do hongi..with all of them..owh and the students were so curious and they asked a lot of questions~!!! From where we come from, to do we have any younger brother..to how old are we..they asked almost about everything..the religion, what we are wearing etc..so as a return for the song that they have sang for us, we sang ‘rasa sayang’ to them and the kids liked the song~!!! And owh, it was awful that I have to sing in public..hu~how I wish I was invisible..

Later that day, we were introduced in the school assembly..the principal was so enthusiastic about us and our country, that she googled almost everything about Malaysia for us to present during the assembly..she should’ve just let us do the presentation rather than making one for us and she didn’t even got all the facts correct..for example: malaysians mainly work in agricultural sector as farmers in paddy fields..omg..ckgu, tu mcm beberapa thn selepas kmerdekaan je..skrg ni dh lbh 50thn merdeka dh cikgu..ktorg pn dh membangun..dh ad industrialization sume..and beliau juge tlah mengannouncekn bahawa kami sedang berpuasa dibulan ramadhan..maka, xdpt la mkn lunch bsme2 anak2 murid yg dikasihi skelian eventhough period.

Owh, I taught the students the rasa sayang song in class..and the teacher was so enlightened that she wanted her students to memorise that song so they can present it during assembly next week..

That’s the highlights of my first day 🙂


peter is at the far right..
peter is at the far right..
joel, tiare, baylee, cinnessia and lanessa..
joel, tiare, baylee, cinnessia and lanessa..

2nd day at school

My associate teacher was away with the netball team for the netball competition..so che’s associate teacher suggested to me to do my observation in her class..i was so reluctant because I wanted a break and since my teacher was not around, I thought I can NOT be around either..haha..dream on yuyu..yes, so I went and did my observation in che’s class..che’s class was a total opposite from my class..and teacher was also a total opposite~! How do I say this..the teacher was so organized..and she tried so hard so that the students could follow all her plans in her lesson plan..she spent most of her time giving instructions and warning the students to remain silent..she sometimes screamed..yes it wasn’t easy controlling more than 30 students at one time..however, I have to say that she’s a good teacher because her students obeyed her..but I was turned off when che told me that her teacher actually labeled the students in my classroom as problematic..i know I was in that school for only two days and I won’t be there for long either (meaning I might not know the history of the students in that particular class) but what I was not blind or stupid to see that she was being prejudiced against the maori kids..gosh I was so sleepy in her class..che too..last2 ktorg borak2 je..kn che..? :p

We went to the staff room for morning tea break and there’s one thing that captured my attention..it’s the food they were eating..i might understand why kids eat potato chips and candies during break because their parents cannot afford to prepare them a good breakfast or lunch..but as a teacher, who knows the importance of healthy food, I wonder why they eat chocolate as their breakfast either..em..but there’s another thing that captured my eyes..the same teacher who was eating a pocketful of chocolates for his teabreak, he had his tengkuk pierced with two em..bullets I might say..they looked like bullet..and, his left arm was tattooed with ‘gun n roses’ roses..i’ve just cannot imagine the impression he’ll receive if he teaches in Malaysia..but he looked cool..hu~die aja PE..kacak.. :p owh..we went to pak n save on our way back..owh, I didn’t want to remember what happened to me after that..

p/s: thanx to mawi for helping me to park the car that night..

3rd day at school

The teacher was back to teach the kids..there was nothing much that I did because I needed to make a full observation of my teacher because I haven’t got any full observation taken from her yet..nothing much happened on that day partly because I could not be bothered to remember it because I was so worried that I have taken two car keys that belonged to the rental company..i’ve accidentally taken it from the owner’s table when I was making the payment for our rental car company..i didn’t remember why I was so nervous to pay the rental that made me forgot the car key was actually in the car and the rest of my friends were waiting for me inside the car with the engine running..!owh..because I was not sure whether or not the payment that was made into my account had cleared and if it has not cleared yet, I needed to use the owner’s internet to transfer some of my savings and he’ll be watching it..and yes, I had to..hu~and know what, I didn’t get to return the keys that evening either because we arrived late to wellington..so, pnat je nervous2 ready2kn tlinge nk kne bebel dgn pak cik rental tp xsmpat pn ngadap pak cik tu sbnrny..cis..tp..yg pntg..nervous besambung smpai the next day..adoi~~

Owh, there was pet day at school..the parents came to school at lunch time bringing the pets, and the students paraded their pets after lunch break..and as expected in western countries..well, not so western geographically..dogs were their best friends..but the dogs were cute and obedient..so I pretty much didn’t have any problem getting around the parade to see the lovely cats eventhough the dogs were everywhere..

They had science fair early that morning..so basically the students in my class were not in class most of the time..they went to the hall to see the exhibition..they stayed with their pets and enjoyed going out and about during the parade..

sesi memparade haiwan2 peliharaan..didahului oleh anjing..

that's the dog..i'm confused if it's a dog or a polar bear..
that's the dog..i'm confused if it's a dog or a polar bear..
this girl has a very beautiful pair of eyes~and a fluffy cat too..
this girl has a very beautiful pair of eyes~and a fluffy cat too..
meow chumil..
meow chumil..
kak, bukan yg kt blk i punye k..k.long, bkn kte punye k..thank you..
kak, bukan yg kt blk i punye k..k.long, bkn kte punye k..thank you..
besepah tpi jln je ayam ni kt msia.. =p
besepah tpi jln je ayam ni kt msia.. =p

4th day at school

It was a very fun day..well, because they were not in class most of the time, again 🙂 I made a short observation that morning but after morning tea break, my class and another class combined to practice kapahaka in the marae~! It’s something amazing to see the naughty kids suddenly tamed by the marae..i didn’t know why but they behaved so well in the marae..there’s only one teacher around to teach the girls with the ‘pois’ and Boiso to teach the boys kapahaka..i got them recorded and I’ll put up the video here 🙂 and, they didn’t look like any maori to me and I was impressed to see them using their language because they’ve been speaking English all this while and I didn’t understand why they’re grouped in a bilingual class..was it because they learned te reo maori in class..?only that..?i’ll find out about this later..

And just after lunch, they had PE and the teacher with the ‘gun n roses’ tattoo was teaching them PE! Wi~ :p and I didn’t know if I was influenced by the stereotype that says Maoris are good teamworker, but from the PE, I think I’m agreeing..they won the game because they cooperate..they didn’t have to plan for the strategies but they knew what their friends were capable of doing and they trusted each other..so they won..

Owh, there was a follow up activity for their guided reading activity this morning and while I was helping the teacher making dyes (colours for their traditional mat: a tapa), and I was sweeping the floor (because there were a lot of tiny pieces of papers on the floor) a boy came to me and said “let me do that for you miss” and I said “owh, thank you peter, but you have to listen to the instruction given by miss mereana” and he said “owh I did, I already knew what to do. It’s just I think you needed some help.” Ok so gave him the broom and he swept the floor..then he came to me again with his dye in her hand..he wasn’t really looking at me and he asked “miss are you really 22? Do you have a boyfriend? Are you getting married soon?” so I said, “owh, yes I’m 22 and I don’t have a boyfriend..yet..and I’m not getting married anytime soon..i’m still young peter, don’t you think?” and he replied “owh really..?i like you miss..i would want to be your boyfriend if I’m older..”nasib la ko bdk kecik wahai encik peter..dh la ko ni mcm kacak2..owh, dan nasib jugela aku ni masih tau membezakan keje dgn murid2..sabar ye encik peter..dah besa nnti crk girlfriend ye.. :p bdk2 zaman skrg~~isk isk..deep inside peter he was still a baby~! He drew naruto when the teacher asked them to copy the months and dates in te reo maori..he played playfully with the keyboard when the teacher asked him to play a song..he cheated the grade given to him when the teacher asked him what grade he got from technocraft class..

azalea..bronwyn..tokomaru during PE..
azalea..bronwyn..tokomaru during PE..
tane, annehera, tyrone, ruby, who's behind tiare..?and beside tiare..?
tane, annehera, tyrone, ruby, who's behind tiare..?and beside tiare..?
from che's class..
from che's class..
the gigantic kite..
the gigantic kite..

5th day at school

I had a teaching today~!!!it was a follow up activity from the guided reading activity..yesterday I assisted the teacher with the middle group, and today I had to take the lowest group and do the dyes with them..it wasn’t easy eventhough there were only 8-10 of them..i had to establish the rules first and set a few things up beforehand..however, I didn’t went as smooth as I expected it to be..my lesson plan was made for only 20 minutes but i had to carry it out for nearly two hours..the teacher said maximum was 40 minutes but the teacher had actually expected that to happen to me so she allowed me to take the kids for more than 40 minutes..that was the system that I like in new zealand’s schools..they were very flexible in their schedule and there were nothing to rush for because they were not exam oriented like Malaysia..the students should mix one of the mordants, one of the pigments and one of the binders together to produce one dye..but one or two of the kids mixed up everything just for the fun of it..and yes, tell me about it..they were very curious..that’s why they just could not be bothered to listen to me..so having seen teaching demonstration by Bill Rogers a few times before, i could see why screaming at kids would not make anything better..they needed to see or understand the reasons why they could or could not do something..so there was Jerome, a 10 year-old kid..he’s one of the youngest and the most playful kid among all..so when he had finished mixing all the mordants, binders and pigments together, I came to him and asked him “what did you have Jerome?” and he said “owh, I have a mixture of everything! See this. It’s black. I’ve got a black dye for the tapa mat.” However, it didn’t turn out to be a dye, because the mixture got separated where the heavier substances sat at the bottom of the glass and the lighter substances float on top of the mixture..so I said to him “now Jerome, do you think what you’ve made was a dye? Could it be used as a dye now?” and he said “owh, I don’t think so.” And I replied “so everyone else would have a dye to colour on their tapa on Monday. I’m afraid you would not have any dye to use to make the tapa.” And he said “Sorry miss. I should’ve not mixed everything else. I’ll stay back to make a new dye. Like you told us how.” 🙂 I didn’t have to scream did i..?

There was a small room inside the kitchen where my associate teacher kept all the Maori cultural items in it..and there was a career day today at school and the students needed to parade what they were dressing up like at the hall after morning tea break..so Joel dressed up like a pekerja tepi jalan..cmne nk ckp ni..yg tukang bgtau driver bile boleh jln kalo ade construction kt tepi jln..ha..construction worker..siap dgn helmet dgn torch light bagai..xde pn nk malu ke ape..Cinissea dressed up as a hair dresser with a hair dryer, scissors, robe and fancy hair clips..and Lanessa, Kerianne, Nick and Peter needed to dress up like a penghulu org2 maori raseny..so they wore the cultural outfit from the small room inside the kitchen..i didn’t bring my camera today so I didn’t take any of their pictures..i was busy making dyes anyway..so when peter had dressed up with the outfit, where he’s topless, wearing only the..adoi how do I describe it..shorts and kain berumbai yg mcm skirt tu..yg org2 asli selalu pakai tu..i’ll google for the picture..he came to me and said “miss, look at me..do you like it..?it’s beautiful aye..?do I look grown up..?” I was stunned..what should I reply then..?gosh..he barely had any clothes on..how could I agree it’s beautiful..?so I said “not bad peter, but I think u should go to the hall now..aren’t you freezing..?it’s cold..quickly peter..now..” hu~sape kate senang nk jd ckgu ni..?dh la penat drive ulang alik tiap2 ari..ha..kn dh start..dh xde kne mngena dh ni..

Earlier that morning when I was setting up the materials for the dyes, peter came into the kitchen giving me the charcoal..we ran out of charcoal because it had been used by the previous group..so suddenly I heard a hello from outside the kitchen..i thought it was my associate teacher coming to give me the charcoal but it was peter..my teacher said peter volunteered to get me the charcoal..em..takut x..?nah~he’s a baby..he’s really a kid..next week pn dh last week skolah..kjap je lg ngadap bdk2 tu..

Owh, there was a music class after lunch break and I got to play the flute~!!! Yay~!!! It’s been ages since I last played the real flute, not Chinese or classical or bamboo flute..the flute that I used to play back in school..the music teacher was so excited because he now had an accompaniment for his clarinet..we played my heart will go on, lean on me and knocking on heaven’s door..man I love it~!!! Rase mcm nk aja music je ok..klas music 2 jam tu mcm 2 minit je..i taught the kids to play they keyboard too..tak aja pn sbnrny..kat atas keyboard tu ade tulis notes..kt score derg pn ade tulis A B C sume..just help them with the beat sbnrny..nk aja music~!!! Xnk aja english~!!! Sgt tak pyh nk susah2 buat lesson plan tok nenek sume kalo aja music ok..wuwu..that’s all for today..owh, the kids will perform rasa sayang this monday during assembly 🙂

p/s: journal ade ms nk buat..linguistics dgn educ xsentuh pn lg..wuaaa~~!!!

nick and ruby..while preparing the dye..
nick and ruby..while preparing the dye..
aarana, nick, ruby, peter and blake..
aarana, nick, ruby, peter and blake..

6 thoughts on “1st week journal..

  1. ade few things yg menarik perhatian aku sbg twe future teacher (teaching WITHOUT experience)

    1. these kids nampak mcm org melayu. and they looked nothing mcm yg hollywood portray or anything yang aku tgk kat disney channel from NZ production on citer2 budak skolah derang(dlu2 belambak).

    2. ko mesti kan nak mention ckgu kacak tu tp WITHOUT the pic kan?? ko torture aku kan?? haha

    3. mengape ko tipu si adik kecil peter ko XADE boyfriend?? ko nak aku ripot kat wanted??? xD

    4. aku sedih mengetahui pengetua tu kate negare kite negare agriculture. mgkn die anggap mak bapak aku pun petani yang mengusehekan ladang di daerah johor bahru.

    5. is it my eyes or the girl yang name ‘baylee’ in the 2nd pic tu mmg pakai socks yg mismatch?? hahaha. and do most of them looked like they all cm xcukup mkn n xmandi?

    6. wpun xpuas hati muke PE teacher x dipost sekali, tp aku enjoy bace entry ni yu. hehehe.

    7. aku kagum ko tabah ngan perbarisan anjing2 tu. seketike aku tringat kite penah berlari-larian smbil terjerit2 sbb anjing2 kat area perumahan KMS menyalak2 bagai guruh kilat time kite lalu nak joging. hahaha.

    1. haha..i haf something to tell u la poms..later k..bz hokeh~~~

      yg ckgu tu cmne aku nk amek..kantoi la oi~~!!!

      ye..mrk sume mmg xnmpak cm hollywood..mrk kn maori..mrk busuk ok lpas lunch break..dh main lari2..mungkin mrk kate “owh, ckgu tu menten je wangi” cm kte ckp2 dlu..sure bdk2 akn ckp “wah~wangi ny mak die”

      siot la anjing2 tu..anjing2 yg dtg pet day aritu sgt dgr ckp..ade la cm anjing polis yg nk lompat2 kt org tu..tp aku tlah b’jye stay away drp anjing tu..

      p/s: esk luse aku upload gmba ckgu tu yeh..saba poms..

  2. weyh, eh, i mean, assalamualaikum
    kite kne buat journal utk lisa ke? ke ko saje2 je menamakan benda ni jurnal
    jgn menakutkan aku yuu

    1. w’slmwarahmatullah..

      xde la cik sar..ni nameny xde keje crk keje..ade keje yg kne buat xnk buat..xpe..jgn takut..

    1. owh, xde la specifically kawasan derg..tp rs ny community derg kot yg byk kt situ..and, actually kelas yg aku dpt ni mmg klas bdk2 maori..1 kelas tu sume maori..sorg je bdk pasifika..klas lain byk je org puteh (pakeha)..

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