2nd week-not a journal this time..

the second week of teaching experience had been a busy one yet exciting enough for me..i had to make lesson plans every night prior to the teaching on the next day..the process of going back and forth to lower hutt and the fact that we are undergoing ramadhan has really tested us physically..however, the responses that i received from the students and my associate teacher had really helped me revived..it’s not so much about me getting to finish the lesson plans and getting to finish the teachings and getting good feedback..it’s about seeing the kids getting to understand what i was teaching them and being able to be a part of them and see things from their point of view..it’s such a miracle what i’d gone through..

when i started the observation i heard about the labeling (or prejudice i might say), that other teachers had on the students in my classroom..some even said it directly to my face..they said the students in my classroom are problematic, noisy, low achievers etc..

they might have said that based on their experience i guess..but i didn’t see all of those things..i saw those kids as energetic and enthusiastic..yes they are noisy but they can be handled with good management..i have to say that if the teachers cannot control them, it is because the teachers have poor classroom management skills..

my associate teacher told me that those kids need more time to understand what is being taught and they work better if they can communicate what they have learned..so we need to provide the communication opportunities for the students to help them learn..for example, if the teacher is doing reading, the teacher should provide some time for the students to share their interpretation of the story to their friends..if the teacher is doing writing, the students deserve sometime to share their ideas with their friend and if they are doing mathematics, they need time to help their friends who cannot not understand the concept as they do..the teacher just need to control the ‘communication’ environment so it does not skid from the real intention of learning and yes, they work as a group and teachers just need to understand that..teaching is not about giving instructions and make students obey toward all the orders..teaching is about providing the safe opportunities for learning to occur to both learners and TEACHERS..safe as in it’s ok to make mistakes and yes, ok to communicate..

and one more thing..i sympathize the students at my school because most of them don’t come from a well to do family..some of them don’t have anything for morning tea or lunch..most of them brought potato chips or an apple or an orange as their meal for that day..i just could not stand to see those energetic kids just had a potato chips for their lunch..they don’t have a canteen to buy lunch..even if they have, i don’t think they can afford to buy any food..so to all parents..hu~i wish they read this..your kids are at the stage of active growth..so they need all the nutritions to support their growth physically and mentally..breakfast does not necessarily be expensive..it just needs to be healthy..egg sandwiches is easy to prepare and it’s does not cost you more than $10 and it can be used for one week..

and har~there’s this one boy in my class..he’s the youngest i think in year 7 but his reading and numeracy level is better than some year 8 students..when i asked about his family, he told me he’s staying with his step family because his biological father is in jail..what i’m trying to say is that, he can still be a good student even without getting good support from family..he is at that stage solely based on what he learned from the teachers and friends..imagine what he could have been if he gets support from the family..sedarlah rakan2, jgn start b’family kalo blom ready and kalo dh ade family jgn la selfish nk kawen byk2 ke, nk gedik2 commit crime ke, bwk kereta cm org gila ke (emo skjap sbb i’ve seen the effects kt budak2 kecik tu!) huhu..family is a very important institution for human development and kids need support for their growth and parents need to be there for them..hu~let’s pray so that we’ll be a good parents soon..amin..

there was this social event held by the school the other day and students need to pay only $5 plus a $20 techno-craft fee for every term, which cumulatively becomes $65..but they only need to pay $20 dollar per term plus $5 for that event..but only 4 or 5 students in my class could afford that because their parents could not afford to pay the fees..i asked one of the kids whether they’ll go to that event or not and he said “no, i don’t have any money to pay to go to that event” and he’s only 11..how i cannot stop my tears from coming out..they were not embarrassed to admit that they could not afford to go to that event and they didn’t complain or force their parents to get the money for them..how can i not love those kids..?

i was evaluated by my lecturer yesterday (friday) and after seeing my associate teacher to get the feedback about my teaching, she came to me and told me my teacher was so delighted with my presence and she’s happy with my progression..i burst into tears when i heard that because i think i managed to do all that because my teacher led me to see what other people could not see about those maori students..thank you miss mereana..

they sang a maori song for me on my last day at that school..and they sang rasa sayang to me too..and of course i received souvenirs from the students..it was so hard to leave the school and that bunch of kids..i made a video for them so they have something to remember about me.. 🙂 here’s the link..


of course the boys love me.. :)
of course the boys love me.. 🙂
the girls love me too :)
the girls love me too 🙂
during morning tea break
during morning tea break

i love all the pictures with them..and owh, thanx jack for your camera..it helps especially during this kind of emergencies 🙂


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