owh dear cat..

i walked home from school this afternoon and i met one of my favorite cats on my way..he used to have those shiny and fluffy fur and he used to be fat and heavy..we rarely met since the last three weeks because of TE and when i saw him today, i was shocked to see how much weight he had lost..he’s so thin and small and light now..he didn’t purr with energy..he sounded like using all the energy he has just to purr..i felt guilty for making him walked towards me..i so feel like seeing the owner and ask him to feed that cat..it’s so unkind and inhumane at some point to let your pet starve..you chose to keep that pet at the first place..sob sob..bertahan la wahai kucing mata kerikil~~~


4 thoughts on “owh dear cat..

  1. Oh kucing ni dekat mana? is it the one arnd cnr kelburn parade and salamanca?

    tp mungkin die sakit kot… sedih la pulak dgr cite die…

    1. i’m not sure if this cat jln2 smpai salamanca..tp umah die kt area my house ni jugak la..dh 3 4 ari dh i xnmpak die..(T_T)

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