owh i miss you, you know..

it has always been rough and hectic week for me..penat dh nk tulis bnde yg same..smpai kadang2 ade je one or two of those days yg smooth tp ke rough-an dan kehectic-an the rest of the days mengatasi kehappy-an t’sebut..tgk..BM pn teruk..English pn makin teruk..owh yuyu..dan rakan2 yuyu, ketahuilah bahawa yuyu is so in need of holiday.. πŸ™‚ but anyway, that’s just how things happen so i have to adapt and cope with it je la..and my ways of coping with the roughness and hecticness are..?em..deal with everything because it will be undone forever if i don’t work on settling it..and appreciate the 2 3 or 4 beautiful days..like right now..the sun is smiling so brightly into my room through my humble window πŸ™‚

we’re now in the last few days of ramadhan, and recalling back my experience of ramadhan in malaysia, this is the time when we feel like the temperature is at it’s highest degree but ironically enough, this is also the time when people go crazy over raya preparation..it’s the time when shops offer further discounts on all items (baju, kuih, langsir and everything! you name it)..people don’t mind getting all sweaty and stuffy in areas like masjid india for raya shopping in the middle of the days..and not to mention the traffic jam along the way..man i hate it when i’m one of the crowd..

owh and why am i writing about this..?because i bloody miss that environment~!! i can go down to the town and do some shopping but they don’t provide anything similar to what can be found in malysian shops for hari raya..i don’t miss that strikingly hot weather part, but i miss the shouts of the stall owner cutting down the prices of the shawls and butang baju melayu from his stall..i miss to do the shopping with my friends..breaking fast same2..pegi bank tuka duit raye..msk kn duit raya dlm packet..and skrg bdk2 uni kt msia pn dh start cuti raya..my friends have even planned to go for jln2 raya ramai2 on 4th of raya..i miss it~!!! d last time i went jln2 raya with them i came back home at 3 in the morning and my grandma went cynical towards me by saying “dh jadi antu raya blk lmbt2” haha..

and, usually, on hari bantai (sehari sblm raya) nenek wajib buat lemang sendiri and since my family is just a small family, and everyone tinggal area melaka and putrajaya/serdang (xsmpai kl pn so jgn nk ngada2 ckp jauh xnk balik), SEMUA diwajibkn balik untuk memudahkn proses membakar lemang..so of course my old and dh xbrape nk berdaya dh mak tu (i call grandma ‘mak’) akan jd plg bising..the santan, garam and pulut have to be properly prepared..selalu ayah dgn uncle kne crk kayu api 2 3 ari before bakar lemang..so uncle kne ade kt kampung 2 3 ari before bantai la..haha..ayah pn..sekali bakar lemang nk dekat 100 batang..so ms ni la cucu2 mak sgt2 diperlukan..nasibla majority lelaki..tp yg plg salu jd mangse adlah idin (adik ku yg pembuli), ayin (cousin), abg ajim (abg si ayin), abg md nor (abg ipar ayin and abg ajim), uncle and ayah..derg akan salu bengang dgn hafiz and pali sbb bdk 2 ekor ni salu smpai time lemang dh siap bakar..time2 dkat2 buke br smpai..tp xpe, hafiz dgn pali pandai bodek..th drp tokan mane th derg dpat mercun..so mlm2 raye, lpas takbir derg dok memekak kn area kampung tu..adoi la~!!! penat aku kmas umah ltak air wick last2 bau mercun jugak..

tp this year may be raye xmriah sgt..sob sob..acik 1 family kt serb..abg ajim dh kawen, tggal abg kimi and abg boy yg xreti nk blk ms hari bantai..nk jugak smpai pagi2 raye..konon2 usahawan plg berjaya la di alam semesta..?haha..cik mon juge di luar negara..pali baru2 ni msk ICU..he’s my closest cousin and when i heard about this badnews, i almost went hysterical..you have my prayer with you angel..you’ll be fine i’Allah..get well soon so i can watch you play rugby again..sob sob..

I MISS HOME~!!! dan nak duit raye.. πŸ™‚ ade x sape2 nk ksk kt cni..hoho.. :p


7 thoughts on “owh i miss you, you know..

    1. aku pn xsiap2kn lg esaimen~!!!patut aku dh free dh minggu ni..ni lemak sbb dpt extension la ni..pastu aku g main scrabble je dr td tau x~!!! cik sar jom main scrabble dgn aku..hihi..

    1. uwaaa~!!! jgn tuka lg tau cheng..thanx for informing πŸ™‚ mish you so much la chengkong..huhu..

  1. sometimes we wished for the better, when we have as good as it gets..

    don’t worry yuyu. balik nnti ko qadha’ la man yg x dpt ye. memori bepose besame ko xkan ku lupe, keep that as motivation. kehkeh.

    selamat hari raya!

    1. haha..aku rindu bazar ramadhan ampangan..dan harusla aku xkn lupe tragedi naik bas 20c..haha..

      thanx for dropping by poms..nnti kte try thai stir fry sme2..hokeh~!! πŸ™‚

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