he said..

i wish i could say this to my lecturer but i think if i were to say it, i’ll not be the first person ever who says it..to my dear linguistics lecturer (i don’t want to mention his name because he might find this someday because he’s so active looking for google hits for words like bacterium, bacteria, syllabus, syllabuses, syllabi etc)..ok i’ve gone long winded..to my dear linguistics lecturer, as much as i hate myself for trying to trick you, i also hate to say this but you’re truely a genius!

i had to analyse a few languages from different parts of the world and one of the ten languages i analysed was french (naah~~i don’t speak french..pardonnez moi)..yes, there were TEN of them and trust me i was an inch close to getting insane in finishing that assignment..so in that assignment i needed to find the word ordering of each language and related it to morphological universals bla bla bla (i’ll spare the details)..i didn’t know how to describe it dramatically but after going through more than 20 books and ariticles and journals, i just couldn’t be bothered in getting the right data..as long as i had something to write in the essay and it helped me with my word counts, i’d just typed it in the word processor..i was looking for an example of a sentence (in French) that followed the SVO ordering..the sentences that i found that time just didn’t agree to that criterion because some of them didn’t have the verb, some didn’t have the subject or object and i went furious for not finding any..

so i chose one of the sentences and the sentence meant ‘your majesty will leave when the queen comes’..looking at its translation, your majesty=subject, leave=verb and queen can be the object of the sentence..i was quite convinced though i doubt my lecturer would accept it because it might not sound as SVO to him as it sounded to me..

and all my doubts were confirmed when i received my assignment this morning..the example i gave had no direct object in it and had an adverbial clause instead..for God’s sake..it’s in French! could you please excuse me for making that small error..? (T_T) haha..

moral of the stories : don’t try to cheat your linguistics lecturer..they speak more than 3 languages that’s why they’re called a linguists..owh he said this “theories are not God-given and it’s created by human so it’s WRONG!—with a strong stress” and i’m so happy to hear that.. 🙂 it’s not that they’re hard to remember, i just refuse to memorize it because it’s wrong.. :p


true, don’t you think..?

something has just distracted me and i so feel like sharing that thought so here i am writing it to you (instead of completing the essay that i have to submit say..in less than 15hours)..

it just gets me to thinking..how some people use blogs, facebook, twitter..bla bla bla (to name a few) as a means of getting the attention that they couldn’t get from the target party..or, just to keep them distracted from thinking how they can attract one’s attention..however, they just ended up fishing for attention using a different means..

how the art of berterus terang has now been abandoned..sengaja atau malu atau memang dah tak tahu..?may be we can put the blame on our culture..for not making berterus terang an explicit practice..and for no reason, i just think it encourages people to tell lies..i don’t know~


congratulations fana..

kpd fana..aku xtau tp aku sgt sdh~!!! ko dh kawen weh..ko fhm x aku blom puas lg foye2 dgn ko..?!!

but who am i to fight destiny..so anyway..selamat pengantin baru cik fana..smoga bahagia ke akhir hayat..sile rajin2 kemas umah..msk harus meriah ok..ckp syuk kalo ko ngaji jgn tido..soh die pn ngaji skali..

congratulations fana..good luck with this newly gained title..sile jgn buat2 lupe ye ko bini org pasni..aku yakin ko bleh jd a very good wife and mother 🙂

i hate to say this but yes..i’m very happy for you..*tears of joy*

to fana:

The world is full of beauty when the heart is full of love..the one word frees us of all the weight and pain of life; that word is love (Sophocles & W. L. Smith)

p/s: jgn mrh2 lg k fana..


when the time comes..


i seriously don’t expect it to be this soon and shocking..there were just so much memories that you’ve left for me and i thank you for everything..i miss you real bad ibu..and i forever will..i really didn’t expect that was the last hug i’ve ever got from you..

al fatihah for puan. zaharah hj. mohd yasin..


behind this smiling face..

of selfish-ness..

of uncertainty-ness..

of growing up pains..

of learning to forgive and forget..

of believing in karma..

of choosing what’s right..

of making mistakes..

of getting involved..

of getting dramatic..

of being stubborn..

of loving..

:: i know i’m not doing the right thing but i don’t know why i can’t stop even as to where i get this force ::

:: c-11 >> girls i’m quite losing my grip on everything i’m holding..can’t wait to see you guys ::

:: d girls >> get mad at me..i deserve it..and thank you for being with me ::

:: ariff & amir >> say sth good to me plz ::

*cry..for the melody is unchained..*


about a man..

it’s been a wonderful raya here and open house invitations have not stop from coming so far..and for obvious reasons, i simply love it 🙂 here are some of the pictures..around the botanical gardenla la la..

sile abaikan aksi tersebut..but admire the streak instead..i was sun-bathing technically..in the limelight :)the emo tulips~! :) but an orchid with dat colour is my favourite~!

cik sha~!!! where art thou..?homely feeling kt umah dr. roslee1 syawal..

and what about the man in the title..?

he walked into the lecture hall as usual..with his regularly-seen knitted jumper and of course he smiled upon entering the lecture hall..as he stood in front of the class when he was about to start the lesson..he said “you better signal me if i go unstoppable with my lecture today because for some unforeseen reason, i forgot to wear my watch” while showing his bare wrist and waved like a proud queen..yes he’s a man but he waved like a queen..

what captured my eyes was a shiny little ring on his ring finger..for HEAVEN’S sake my dear dear lecturer, you forgot your watch but you did not forget your wedding ring!..lucky you mrs. bauer..mr. bauer always loves you..and of course he has never failed to wear the knitted jumper you made..

p/s: i would want to ask a question to his beloved wife..was she got attracted to her husband because he was so good with the language that he knew exactly what to say at any given situation..?if it’s so..i would want a linguist too~