about a man..

it’s been a wonderful raya here and open house invitations have not stop from coming so far..and for obvious reasons, i simply love it 🙂 here are some of the pictures..around the botanical gardenla la la..

sile abaikan aksi tersebut..but admire the streak instead..i was sun-bathing technically..in the limelight :)the emo tulips~! :) but an orchid with dat colour is my favourite~!

cik sha~!!! where art thou..?homely feeling kt umah dr. roslee1 syawal..

and what about the man in the title..?

he walked into the lecture hall as usual..with his regularly-seen knitted jumper and of course he smiled upon entering the lecture hall..as he stood in front of the class when he was about to start the lesson..he said “you better signal me if i go unstoppable with my lecture today because for some unforeseen reason, i forgot to wear my watch” while showing his bare wrist and waved like a proud queen..yes he’s a man but he waved like a queen..

what captured my eyes was a shiny little ring on his ring finger..for HEAVEN’S sake my dear dear lecturer, you forgot your watch but you did not forget your wedding ring!..lucky you mrs. bauer..mr. bauer always loves you..and of course he has never failed to wear the knitted jumper you made..

p/s: i would want to ask a question to his beloved wife..was she got attracted to her husband because he was so good with the language that he knew exactly what to say at any given situation..?if it’s so..i would want a linguist too~

10 thoughts on “about a man..

    1. cis ko begem..ko dh la dh braye sakan dgn bdk2 skolah..dgn usmi2 alhafis pn ko braye gak..kakak pn sebok je..aku jeles weh~!!!nk jugak join~!!!

  1. yu,
    maybe.. he never took off his wedding ring.
    some people do that. i know, sweet kn?
    n oh, how did u know that his wife made him that jumper?
    btw, his unique laugh, cute smile and sense of humour are what makes him so… charming.
    ok, adekah ak pun ske pak cik laurie?
    i like him waaaaayyy better than john mac
    (perlu ke nk btau ?)

    1. sweet~~~sgt sweet..bleh diabetes tahu tak..

      jumper tu assumption aku je..ade 2 tu je die salu pkai..sure jumper tu sgt sentimental kt die..

      yes..aku stuju dgn kenyataan last ko..sengal la..awl2 dlu ok je..bese la..ko pn ade ms aum2 cik sha..hahaha..

      1. oooohh laaa
        ak x prasan la pule ada caption2 tu
        so sweet of u yuu \(^_^)/
        ak g klas sociology yg mngantuk time tuuu
        agk mnyesal la g klas instead of amik2 gmba

        p/s- nanti kite maen2 amik2 gmba lg nk x yu? 😛

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